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 3 months ago 

Hello @princa

I comply to inform you that I carefully read and reviewed every image you brought us.

I noticed that all your images do not belong to you.
Plagiarism is penalized in steemit and in the Recreative Steem community.
So I'm going to mute your post.

I invite you to do the newcomer achievements.
To be a student of the Steemit cryptoacademy you should know that plagiarism is forbidden on our blockchain.

I have no idea. A friend of mine gave me these pictures. He told me that these pictures were his. I will make sure that this does not happen again.

 3 months ago 

Your photos are commercial, it was not difficult for me to find them on the web, as I am an accused researcher and my job is to safeguard the integrity of the blockchain.
People who engage in plagiarism, as well as you do harm to our ecosystem.
I ask you not to continue in these illicit ways.
If you want to be a photographer, then start by taking pictures yourself and making post hestos.

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