SEC S6W3: "If i was steemcurator01"

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Hi steemians, hope you are doing great.
I am very happy to participate in this amazing contest, the topic is very 💎precious💎. if you are interested in participating, you can find the link 💎here💎 by @hive-141434

First of all, I want to introduce you SteemCurator01 in my own way

💎Who is SteemCurator01 or SC01?

In our precious platform, when you want to know any information about any steemian, all you need to do is to check his profile by clicking on his nickname @steemcurator01, does this work with our SC01?the answer is "NO"

  • You can't know if he is a man or a woman, but let's proceed by "he" for SC01
  • From which country he is? No idea
  • He joined in April 2020
  • He doesn't post any blog, in the tab blog, you can see only old two resteemed blogs (since two years ago)
  • In the tab posts, he had only one post since last year, but he posts comments and replies everywhere, he is present and active in each and every community in this platform
  • He has more than 5K followers, a good reputation of 63
    and about 10M Steem Power, if you take a look at his wallet, you can say that he is a member of Rothschild the richest family in the world
    Is he enjoying these benefits alone, the answer is "NO" of course. SC01 is a group of steemians that work together and review each and every post to analyze it and upvote the ones that verify some criterias. As SC01 has a super power in this platform, his upvote is valuable. That's why I'll choose a name, for our SC01, that won't surprise you.

What does SC01 stands for? Well, in steemit, it stands for Santa Claus 01 😊
SteemCurator01 is the figurehead of gift-giving in our platform.
Don't you agree with me? I think he is close to Santa Claus SC1.JPGCanva

💎What would you do if you were the operator of the steemcurator01 account?

It is a question that is not without difficulty, this is a big responsibility. But let's pretend to be SC01 for a while.
As a figurehead of upvoting, I need to make a strategy for my account : Votes must be distributed in a legal and fair manner. For that I should establish a way to judge each content. For example :

  • Quality
  • Markdowns
  • Beneficiary
  • Club status
  • Plagiarism

I would try to recognize the effort of all contents, may be by rewarding the content that deserve but also the ones that need some encouragement to excel in writing some good contents. Also, I'll make sure to include every stemian and that no one, who deserve it, is excluded from this upvote. If it's indeed to be excluded, I'll try to explain why don't they get any upvote

💎What would be your criteria for selecting an author's publication and rewarding it?

First of all plagiarism free and the quality of the post. Then I'll check the following :

  • Club status, beneficiary, markdowns, votes and comments/replies to the content

You should not ignore that for many steemians who joined recently, they could post some good contents but there is no reaction on it so we'll ignore it.
We need to include this category of newcomers with good contents.

We should take the first step towards them and give them some advice to have a good content and why not follow them instead of asking them to follow SC01 first

💎What type of content would you dedicate more percentage of vote to it?

football is my passion, I do post all the time some contents related to football. But as a SC01 I can't prioritize or favor one topic over another.

I'll have two hats, one as @lsanaa and another one as @steemcurator01

This platform is open to everyone from all over the world with no distinction, why should we prefer a special topic than another one.

💎How would you ensure that the potential of the curated account is maximized?

The same way I used when I check my account, it's via steemworld


💎How many people would operate the account to make it work properly?

I think we need to have as many people managing this account as the number of steemians increase.
Fo example if we have 200 posts per day, we need 10 SC01

💎Would you disclose your identity or prefer anonymity?

No body should know who is our Santa Claus, and so on for SC01, let's have it as an automaton. We have many moderators that reveal their identities in this platform, they participate also in many contests and we know them, we are friends, we might ask them for votes directly. But we need such a character SC01, no one know who is and it's not one steemian, it's a group of steemians

@hive-141434 are you one of the SC01 group? LOL

Thank you for reading through my post.

I invite


Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

Thanks for your support

 2 months ago 

Me costó un poco de trabajo entender algunas de tus reflexiones, creo que es por cuestiones de idiomas jeje.

éxitos en el desafío!

no hay problema, mi enfoque es explicar que esta cuenta es similar a santa claus y resalté que algunos steemians están excluidos solo por su contenido, ¿por qué no los incluimos dándoles algunos consejos? Tampoco diferencié entre temas, no favorecemos un tema a otro, también necesitamos involucrar a los novatos y publicaciones con pocos votos. podríamos tener 1steemian por 20 publicaciones y supuse que @hive-141434 es uno del grupo del SC01 🤣

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Thanks for your support


Tienes toda la razón no podemos limitar y valorar que tipo de contenido es más importante que otro, así que es importante promover la libertad de temáticas a desarrollar en su contenido, siempre y cuando puedan apegarse a las normas de la plataforma y brindarle el mayor nivel de presentación y calidad. Todo este esfuerzo es digo de recibir una visita de este " Santa Claus" así que, apoyo tu propuesta de administrar está cuenta.

muchas gracias por sus comentarios, no deberíamos tener ninguna discriminación en esta plataforma. por cierto, me uní hace 2 meses y aún no he recibido ninguna visita de nuestro santa claus

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