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Hello dear steemians, how are you all ? I hope you all are fine and enjoying your life to its fullest. Today i am here to participate in this beautiful contest that this #RECREATIVESTEEM community has organised and am very excited about it because i got a chance to write something about my friend.I hope you all get time to read this post and know something about my friend.


The things i will discuss according to the tips of the contest are:

🤝🏻 Who is your best friend? (Describe him as a person)

🤝🏻 Tell us how you met your best friend?

🤝🏻 What made him become your best friend?

🤝🏻 Tell us an anecdote or special moment with your best friend.

🤝🏻 What do you like most about your best friend?


There is a famous english proverb " A friend in need is a friend indeed " and i follow this proverb to know my true friends and thankfully i have many friends who always remained there with me in my good as well as bad times.I have been with them right from my childhood when i got admitted in a local school and i met them there. We are from the same locality and met each other even after the school timing or on holidays.We did a lot of activities together and have always been in only one team whenever we played any game.We have been on trekks together and never miss a chance to attend parties together.We enjoy spending our time together.
Among all of my friends,I have more stroner bonding with one of them,about whom i will be talking whike answering the questions of the contest.

Who is your best friend? (Describe him as a person)

Asif a local boy who lives about 300 metres from my house is my best friend.He is a 5 ft 7 inch tall boy with brownish skin and black hairs.He has a good physique and is fitness freak.He accompanies me on my walks every morning.He has all the traits a best friend must have.He is a very sober person who doesn't loose his temper easily and is very relaible as well.I can trust him with my eyes closed as he is very pious and truthful.My friend has a good sense of clothing and usually spends all his pocket money on clothes and shoes.He still is unemployed but never hesitates to spend money while we are together.I always try to minimize his expenditures whenever we are together by paying all the bills but still he always insists to atleast split the bill. My friend has been with me right from my childhood and we understand each other very well.My friend also has a good sense of humor and thus doesn't get offended if i crack jokes on him.


Tell us how you met your best friend

When i was admitted in a local school in the nursery class my friend was already admitted and i still remember my father made me to sit down near my friend who was stranger to me at that time because i had not met him before that.My father offered sweets to all the staff and a few children who were present in the class at that time.After that time i hardly remember any event where i was alone.Being kids at that time,we enjoyed sharing things and we still live with the same spirit.I would help him in his homework as he was a bit weak in academics but he always stood up in the competition and never gave up.


Tell us an anecdote or special moment with your best friend

I have a number of special moments with my friend and if i will write about all of them here in this post it would become very lengthy so to be short i will share only one special moment i have spent with my friend.It is more horrifying than being special but what may be special for others is more normal for us.

Few months back when my friends and i were on a trek towards the western part of kashmir India and after reaching the destination we decided yo return back.The weather was very cloudy and the clouds seemed to be rising from below the mountain as we were at the top.We enjoyed the scenes but after some time we left the place and headed back.After walking through some distance it started raining and we were caught in between a heavy rain shower.My friend was close to me as the scenes had become horrifying for not just it was raining cats and dogs but also the lightning and thunder had made it more aweful.We felt like it was the last day of life.It rained gor about one and a half hour and that too very heavily.We were struck in between a sloping ground.We knew that the area is prone to rainstorms and all ,we were dead inside but encouraged each other for not to lose hope and remain strong.After the rain started loosing its intensity ,we became hopeful and after rain completely stopped we jumped in joy ,hugged each other and started our journey back towards the place from where we had started.It was not just a horrifying moment of our life but also a special one because the moments are still vivid in our minds and we always talk about the same whenever we go on a difficult trek.


What do you like most about your best friend ?

My friend has a lot of good qualities and the quality i like most about my friend is the truthfulness. Doesn't matter in what situation my friend is in he never lies.He is a pious person who always has a concern for others.He will devote his resources as well as time for others and will never hesitate from the same.He has a warm heart and greets with good wishes always we meet.
I also like the good clothes my friend wears.He spends a lot of time on shopping websites to choose clothes to buy.He choice is exceptional and beautiful.He waits for sales to get his favorite shoes and clothes on discounted rates and also buys things for me which he feels will suit me.

IMG_20220814_122033_139.jpgmy friend behind me



Lastly i will say friendship is a beautiful relation and makes ones life better if it is true and pure.Mean and selfish friends are everywhere and act like parasites for their own benefits but loyal and reliable friends are rare who devote their life for friendship.Here i am thankful to this community and especially to @kleymer who came up with this beautiful contest where i was able to share my thoughts and feelings about my dearest friend.
I hereby invite my friends @monzz122 @nainaztengra and @zeewanee to this contest.
Thank you all for going through my post.I love you all.

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