Will you get involved in the new gen consoles in 2020?

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I'm a strange gamer: I really enjoy video games but I never really try to get good at any of the more difficult games. I HATE Dark Souls and any game that falls in that line is something that I avoid. I do not have what it takes to perfect the timing on strikes and losing to a boss 30 times before I can defeat them only after doing Youtube research is not my idea of a good time.

I also tend to enjoy games with an "old school" feel to them because I am older than many gamers. I also rarely participate in online games with random people. I will on occasion play with people I know in real life but even that is few and far between and it is in very casual games, normally something with a Diablo feel to them where you can't really do it wrong. I have no interest in improving my skills in video games to join ranked competitions and what not.

And the main thing about me is that I very rarely get involved with technology when it first is released. This applies to most games and definitely to consoles.

The PS5 and Xbox X series are slated to be released later this year, presumable November for the Christmas buying mayhem that happens in USA and they are not gonna be cheap at all at launch.


They are both going to be powerhouses and look like robots that stare at you next to your television and are going to be really cutting edge with improved this and that and NO, I haven't really read into any of the details because very little has actually been released to the public.

To give you an idea about how much of a late bloomer towards newer systems I am I didn't get a PS4 until 2019 and it was initially released in 2013. I can blame a lot of this on the fact that I was a PC gamer addicted to MMO's in that time period but a lot of it boils down to one thing: Money

The above graph encapsulates why it is that I generally have this standpoint towards newer systems and most of it seems quite obvious. Never stuff is going to be more expensive and this is especially true when the manufacturers target the Xmas season. Normally, we can expect to see at least a 10% drop after the holidays and this will likely be true this year as well.

I also tend to get involved with games quite a while after they are released and shop almost exclusively from the "hits" section of the PS store or even better, will check the prices there and then order a physical copy by mail from a smaller retailer (to try to help the little guys, and seriously, you guys should do that too.)


For example: I would really like to play "Ghost of Tsushima" but it is full price and is likely to stay that way for a long time. I can't remember the last time I paid $60 for game and I am not going to start now when in the meantime there are dozens of similar games that I can pick up for $10 to $15 dollars that are in the same genre. All this means is that other people are getting to the story first and that is normally my least favorite part of a game so I don't care about that. While the hardcore gamers are crawling over one another to get their hands on the latest and greatest, I am able to pick up wonderful titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 for a fifth of what they paid for it and I am also getting all the DLC that many of them had to pay even more for.

So if and when Sony and Microsoft are able to make their big launch later this year you can be all but guaranteed that I will not even pay it any mind but instead will be looking forward to the inevitable discount that ends up happening for games that are only available on PS4, which will then be considered an old system.

I'll likely get a PS5 some time next year, perhaps around Xmas 2021 if the price is right. This will also give the community enough time to sort out all the kinks that are almost certainly going to exist if they rush to get this to market.

So what about you? Do you early adopt? Or are you like me and wait for a more economically sensible time to get involved?


I think it makes more sense to wait. When a new console comes out, games developers have had years to master the old console and know how to squeeze every drop of potential out of it. But they don’t know how to fully exploit the new hardware. So, at first it is hard to really notice a difference between first-gen games for the new platform and what the previous generation is capable of. Also, when the new-generation comes out you have lots of great games for the old platform that are available at budget price.

Also, I have not yet seen any game that looked so good it would be worth forking out hundreds for a console to play it on, whereas the PS4 has lots of great games I have yet to play. So I might as well stick with what I have for the time being.

Except for the occasional mystery crash, I have no issue with the PS4 and its technology. It makes very little sense to me to drop 5-600 dollars when I am blown away by the graphics and gameplay that already exist. Eventually we will be "forced" to upgrade but I suspect this will be a while.

I definitely wont get it this year. $500 is what I am hearing the price is going to be and there are thousands of dollars of games in PS4 that I haven't played yet and hopefully they will drop the price on these as well. There is very few things I will pay 500 bucks for and a brand new system that is likely to launch with some problems that they will work out by the time it drops 100 dollars in price or so.

I suppose after 7 years it is probably time for a new system though.

i don't often think about it but it's crazy to me that it has been 7 years since the initial launch.

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