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RE: Retro Focus: The Sims

in Steem Gaming2 months ago

I was able to play the Sims pc game before and it was fun game guys. You will be the one to take care of your sim and she will have to do activities as well. She has fun activities like watering her garden, dancing, cooking etc and she can earn pounts through this. You should try it, you will enjoy doing her fun activities in her apartment guys. And exciting part is she will have suitors to bring her flowers and she will also have a date guys. You can recommend 'The Sims' to your young friends and I'm sure they win enjoy it. I can rate it a 4.9 from 1-5 guys.


yeah it was a pretty strange concept for a game but ended up simply working. I don't know how much time I spend on the game, but it was a lot :)

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