Childhood Classics: Runescape (vol.2) - kicking some Hill Giant a...-donkey (OSRS)steemCreated with Sketch.

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Yay, let's compare dick sizes! Here's mine!

Okay, those are pleb numbers, to be honest. I really loved grinding hunter on bird houses, because they make a shitton of money. I also really like fishing... I don't know why, I also like fishing in Minecraft, so it kinda makes sense.

Oh, and please make more Runescape posts, I love to read them! :)

Nice dick! I don't know much about how to progress on member levels, never been one, but it's aight. Where's your favorite fishing spot? (I bet it's Karamja island ;)).

I usually loved fishing at Barbarian village, just because it's cool. xD

Ahhhh, the memories... :)

Tell me more! ;)