Sonic 3 And Knuckles - Angel Island Boss Hack Attempt 2

in Steem Gaming3 months ago

I keep on going through only the first level I've made so far Angel Island...just can't seem to beat it without game genie haha! Still I love to try! Posted an attempt through the stage awhile ago. This time Sonic goes knuckles way through a hole in the ground on the second act...when he gets to Robotniks lair it switches to the bomber ship cut scene. I know I will have to make the game think you are knuckles to beat it that way. Will try that another time! Last try I did not even make it through the midway boss! It got all glitched and frozen. On the next videos to come there will be more attempts and strategies.

Here is the video!! I love playing and hacking out this game!! Will try to get to messing around with Hydrocity Zone soon

I also love to make the music, it's part of my zone! In real life Sonic haha!


This game is quite popular.

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