My Played Video Games Review: Super Monaco GP for the Sega Genesis

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Super Monaco GP is a Formula One racing video game created and released by Sega of Japan for the arcades in 1989. It got ported to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1990.

I got to play this through some Chinese-made pirate bootleg cartridges containing several games during the early 1990s.

The Story

Scorch the track on extended straightaways, or downshift into neck-cracking hairpin curves. Super Monaco GP sends you roaring around the most challenging tracks worldwide in the fastest racecar ever built, the Formula 1.

Choose auto or manual transmission. Slide through a trial run with an automatic, battle other drivers with a 4-speed, or shift gears to victory piloting a 7-speed racer. Super Monaco GP's World Championship on the Sega Genesis pulls you and the racing pit crew on a 16-race international circuit. Race against the best racers around in a piston-pumping test of speed, skill, and endurance!

Sega Genesis cartridge of the game (image source)

The Graphics and Sound

Graphics in Super Monaco GP are decent. The race car looks good and detailed. The driver's eyes view for the front and back is drawn very well. The circuit track is also well drawn. Every corner of the circuit is rendered nicely. Overall, the graphic looks good for its time. The only thing lacking is the view of your whole race car on the track.

The sound in this game is quite good. The roar of the race car engine is loud and clear. The music in this game is also nicely done. It sounds very energetic and ready to tune your adrenalin for the race.

Gameplay sample of Super Monaco GP on the Sega Genesis

The Gameplay

The game is basically your average 2D video game racer, you race in a track for a few laps, and whoever has the lowest time finishing the track is the winner.

The controls are easy. The "A" button is used for acceleration. The "B" button is for braking. And the "C" button is for the pit in. One Up or Down on the D-Pad is for changing gears depending on which control mode you choose.

The control mode is divided only into 3 modes which are: beginner, semi-pro, and pro. The beginner gives you automatic gear. The semi-pro gives you 4 manual changing gears. The pro gives you 7 manual changing gears. The semi-pro and the pro-control mode give you a bit more power and speed, they also are hard to master due to the brake precision required.

You will also experience crashes quite often, even if you got good control of your race car. The sharp turns are an annoyance. Some other objects on the outside of the tracks appear in various places usually try to make you crash.

Despite these issues, the gameplay of Super Monaco GP is pretty good, the opponents are not that difficult so you will be pretty evenly matched in the race.

The game's replay value will be spent on its World Championship mode. Trying to get into that A division is a good challenge.

My Verdict

If you are looking for a decent Sega Genesis racer, then you should pick up this game. Super Monaco GP is a decent arcade port that will keep you busy for awhile.

Go play this on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive or play it on emulators.

Let's keep on gaming in the free world!

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