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Hello Guys,

How are you all ? Hopefully you all are well and I am also fine. Today I am gonna share you my today's daily quest from Splinterlands.


I got seven cards in this quest. I got one Silvershield Archers, one Gelatinous Cube, one Screeching Vulture, one Creeping Ooze, one Ettin Spearman and one Exploding Dwarf. Not so good but I am satisfied. Let's know about these cards.

Silvershield Archers


This is a common life monster and also a reward card. It costs 2 mana only. It is a range card. One thing I do not like of this card is that it has only one damage. But from level six, it will add Double Strike ability. Also it has Snipe ability from the beginning as well. And I like about this card is that it costs only 2 mana with Snipe and Double Strike ability. It has 1 health from the beginning but if you maxed it out, it's health will be 4. As it is a common reward card, it's price is not that good because of it's availablity.

Gelatinous Cube


Gelatinous Cube is a common neutral card and also a reward card. It costs 6 mana. It has no damaging power. From the beginning it has Scavenger ability with 8 health and 1 speed. If you upgrade it to level six, it will add Heal ability and if you upgrade it to level 10, it will add Void ability. I like this card and sometimes I use it. Sometimes it helps me a lot. Scavenger ability is awesome. I play in silver and gold leagues and it helps me in these leagues. I don't know it helps in the higher leagues or not.

Screeching Vulture


One of my most favorite common earth reward cards. It costs 3 mana and it's a melee card. From the beginning it has one damaging power with Opportunity and Flying ability. If you upgrade it, it will be a good card. From level six, it will add Scavenger ability. I think it's a good card but the availability decreases it's price. It's a common earth monster. I often use this card on my battles.

Creeping Ooze


One of my most favorite cards on splinterlands. I just love it. Literally costs 1 mana. It is a common neutral reward card. It is a melee card. From the beginning it has no damaging power but it has Slow ability. This ability helps low league players much. It will get one melee damage from level 4 and two melee damage from level 10. But this Slow ability will harm yourself in "Reverse Speed" ruleset.

Ettin Spearman


It's a common fire reward card. It's a range card. One thing I do not like about this card is that it costs too many mana. It costs 8 mana. And one thing I like about this card is that it has high damaging power. It can be used only in high mana cap battles like 99 mana. From the beginning it has 3 damaging power and in level 10, the damaging power will be 5. It has Piercing ability in level 3 and Knock Out ability in level 8.

Exploding Dwarf


Exploding Dwarf is a common fire card and also a reward card. It costs 5 mana and it's a melee card. Things I like about this card is that it has high damaging power with high speed and Blast ability. But one thing I dislike about this card is that it has only one health. So using this card on battles is kinda risky. But it may help in 'Melee Myhem' and 'Super Sneak' ability. I use this on these rulesets. It has Blast ability from level one, Piercing ability from level three, Retaliate from level six and Trample from level 9.

It is really bad getting no rare or better cards but I am satisfied with these cards. I always wait eagerly getting a Legendary cards or Gold foil cards. But I will love getting a Lord Arianthus or Ruler of The Seas most.

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