New Gaming Headphones (and spending too much money)

in Steem Gaming2 months ago

I wanted those cat ear headphones that you see a lot of lets players/twitch streamers wearing in their videos/streams.
The headphones I had before with the smaller cushion, really hurt my ears. Therefore I needed the ones with the bigger cushion.
Sorry for so many posts, I have so much content in store for you all. That and I spent way too much money lol.


I like things that light up. it looks really cool.

I ordered this pair from Amazon. Strangely, I get a message that the package was damaged. Thinking I was not getting the package, I bought a pair I saw at gamestop.

This will be a new thing. Since I splurge way too much, I'll show you what I got.


This is the pair I bought from Gamestop.

I also got a stand for my headphones and controllers.


So I got some overtime to do, I got a wireless keyboard I may have to send back. It seems defective.
I also got a string light for hanging photos that will be in tomorrow. So I'll be back. I want to make my background pretty for twitch and YouTube.


were you at all influenced by CinnamonToastKen when you decided to make this purchase?

I like that cat ears phone too but it surely will burn more holes in my pocket so I settle for a normal one and bought myself a green background instead. lol

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