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Hello everybody.

Welcome to this post. I hope that all of you will be great and enjoying your precious health with the grace and blessings of Allah Almighty. Today, I am going to participate in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 3 and Week 3. My this publication is actually in the SteemKids community and the topic of discussion is Review the playground for Kids in Your Area. So, let's start the discussion without any wastage of time.

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In your City, do you have a play ground for kids? What is the name? What is the physical address of the play ground (Include what3words location coordinates)

Playgrounds and the sports parks are actually a very basic and important part of a healthy society and I think the health of the people of the society is impossible if there is no any park or playground there for the kids. Actually, if there is no any refreshment spot in an area then there are lot of disadvantages that the people of that area could have to face. No one can ignore the benefits of parks and playgrounds for the betterment of the health of the people.

The most impressive effect of the presence or absence of parks and playgrounds in a society is upon the kids of that society. The proper health facilities can be another way to improve the health of the kids but the parks and greenery is the primary one. So, for the proper health of the kids of our area, the government of Pakistan has developed a park in our area.

The Front View of the Park

In the above picture you can see the front view of the park that is developed by the government of Pakistan in our area. The name of this part is Gulshan Zafar Noor City. Actually, the development of this park started a few months ago so there are a lot of things that still have to be arranged there.

Location of the Park

If we talk about the physical location of the park then I would like to say that this park is located at exactly that location where it had to be. Actually, there is a single park in our town so this park is located in the exact center of the whole town. There is equal density of the people on the all four sides of the park. Also, there is the main road in the front gate of the park. Below is the exact location of this park.


Google Maps Location of Gulshan Zafar Noor City


What3Words Location of Gulshan Zafar Noor City

The location of the park is shown in the below screenshots. Actually the presence of a park in a society is the sign of the health of the individuals that are living in that society. I am very thankful to the government of Pakistan for developing such beautiful park in our area.


Capture at least 4 play equipments there or 4 different locations including interesting sights and write about them.

As I have explained in the above section that the park is still under construction and different things have still to be arranged in the park. However the management of the park have arranged some of the basic sites within the park to refresh the visitors. There are such equipments for the entertainment of the children and the refreshment of their minds. Some of the pictures are shown below in this regard.


Picture of a Swing

In the above picture you can see my selfie with a swing in the background. This is the swing that has been arranged for the little kids. Actually the change that are sporting the seats are so weak to bear the weight of the young ones. So there is restriction for the young males and females to have a seat on these swings.


Picture of the Sea Saw

In the above picture, you can see a selfie of mine with a sea saw. This is the most important equipment that has been arranged by the management of the park. You can see that two children were playing on the sea saw as they were enjoying themselves with the joy of the fresh and cool air around them due to the green lashing grasses.


Picture of a Slide

This is the picture of the most impressive and the most joyful equipment in the park that is mostly liked by the little children. This is a slide that is arranged by the management of the park and I am thankful to them to arrange it for the children who enjoy sliding on it during the cool weather.


Picture of a small swing

In the picture you can see two children that were enjoying their time while sitting in the small Singh that is arranged by the management of the park. This is the most important equipment that has been arranged specially for those who cannot walk too much to enjoy the beauty of the nature within the park by walking a lot.


How much is the entrance fee in your local currency and steem equivalent.

As I have describe about that this Park is arranged in our city by the government of Pakistan and that's why there is no any fair to visit the park and enjoy the nation beauty present within it. I am very thankful again for the government of Pakistan for such an impressive opportunity for the kids as well as the young ones to enjoy their healthy lives due to the presence of this beautiful Park between us.

The fear for visiting the park is almost zero Steem. Actually the basic reason behind the development of this beautiful park in the town is to avail the people with the healthy life facilities. Recently, the public of our area has sent an application to the Chief Minister a to develop park in our area. So acting upon the application of the public this free Park has been developed there.


Did you visit there with the kids or have you been there before? If not, just tell us if the kids do enjoy their experience there.

Yes I have visited this beautiful park in the last one month many times. As I have stated above that this Park is present in the middle of the town so I would like to mention that it is very near to the to my house. I have visited this Park many times with the kids. Today I have a visited it with my little cute cousins. Let's have a look at the pictures that I have captured with my cute cousins in the park today.







Pictures of My Little Sweet Cousins enjoying in the Park

The above are the pictures that I have captured with my little cousins. They really enjoyed the trip to the park with great fun. They enjoyed riding the swings, slides, small swings and sea saw. I also enjoyed with them very much and I wish to see them always happy and healthy like that.


I would like to invite my friends @cryptobitcoins, @abdu.navi03, @numanfarooq7677 to take part in this contest.

Writer: @steemdoctor1

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Hola amigo, que lindo parque para llevar a los mas pequeños a divertirse, esta muy bonito, le deseo lo mejor en este concurso de todo corazon.

Thanks a lot friend for your precious comment.

Very beautiful garden my dear friend. It looks so huge and attractive. The childrens playing in the park is also looking very beautiful. God bless them. Thank you for sharing this beautiful blog with us. Wish you best of luck.

Thank you dear.

 2 months ago 

El parque esta muy bonito y los niños se divirtieron mucho en el,eso se refleja en las fotos!

Los columpios, asientos y tobogán estan geniales para la diversión de los más pequeños.

Las áreas verdes están muy bonitas, ideales para que los niños jueguen e incluso hagan algún picnic.

Te deseo éxitos. Saludos.

Thanks a lot friend for your precious words. 💕


I must commend the effort of Pakistan government for having the interest and happiness of kids at heart. This place look so beautiful and serene. I can see your cousins did enjoyed their visit, thank you for sharing and your cousins looks cute.

Thank you very much friend.


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Yes brother. I have contacted you there.

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