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Greetings to all the kids,parents and guidance in the house.I am pleased to be with you at this moment.

I believe that young people are the future and so they needed to be given the desired love and affection.They also need to help to be helped to improve in their ability to perform simple Arithmetic problems.

I understand that some schools are on holiday while a few others are still completing the third term academic session.Permit me to use this medium to keep our brain active before and during this holiday period.I will start with One topic for the Basic Classes this week.In the coming weeks,more adjustment would be made.Here we go.


Addition simply means bringing together of numbers or simply summing up.The answer obtained after performing addition is called Sum.
Two digit numbers are numbers that have only two digits,examples are 12,23,35 etc.

For example,when I write the number 12,the first digit which is 1 is the Tens while the second digit,which is 2 is the Unit.

When adding two digit numbers,always start from the right and never from the left.If the answer obtained exceeds 9,you will have to write last digit and carry over the first digit to the next line.

Let's look at some practical examples.


•1.)Add up 17 and 11

You can see that the result is 28...I actually started from the right hand side by adding 7 and 1 to get 8 .... and then I added 1 and 1 to get 2.....I hope it's very clear.


•2.)Add up 27 and 32

The result gave 59.As usual,I started from the right hand side by adding 7 and 2 to get 9,and then I added 2 and 3 to get 5.That's very simple.Right?


•3.)Add up 29 and 12
From the solution,the result is 41...As usual, I started from the right hand side by adding 9 and 2 which have me 11.

Recall that I said that any number greater than 9 cannot be written.So I will write last digit of 11 which is 1 and I will carry over the other 1.
Next I added that 1 to 2 to get 3 plus the remaining 1 which gave me 4 making the final answer to be 41.


The topic Addition of two digit numbers is aimed at helping the kids to understand and appreciate the basic skill of performing addition of two digit numbers and to keep the kids busy before and during the holidays.


You are expected to solve the following problems on Addition of two digit numbers.

1.)Add Up 35 and 11

•2.)Add up 28 and 10

•3.)Add up 37 and 18

•4.)Add up 73 and 27

•5.)Find the sum of 45 and 27

•Make sure to write your name on the page where you solved the problem.Just like this.👇


•Your Solution should be in the form of a post and should be posted in Steemkids Community.

•Mention @samuel20 anywhere in the post to make it easier for me.

•Dont allow your elderly ones to do the work for you.They can only guide with the typing.(Just guide).

•Use the tag #steemkidsmaths and any other tags of your choice.

•You have until Friday 23/7/2021 to submit the assignment.

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Amazing teaching! Our kids will surely participate in this. Let's see how it goes

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Alright @ngoenyi I am expecting plenty of entries from the kids.


Excelente trabajo @samuel20, inculcar a los niños el amor por los números es super importante ya que a muchos no les gusta y las matemáticas son necesarias en todos los aspectos de la vida.

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Thank you @lorennys

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Our kids will really like this, it's going to be fun

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Hi @eliany,

I love it.I hope to see the kids enjoy the class.


Wow! Here comes our maths teacher.....

Please kids, it's time to proof to our uncle that you all are sharp kids, I know what you all have got.

Please come participate in this Assignment......

Thank you @samuel20

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You are welcome @ninapenda.

I am glad you liked the class.

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Muchisimas gracias por compartir esta publicación de calidad mi amigo. Estoy segura que nuestros niños estarán practicando con este ejercicio muy bueno y eso me alegra. Saludos.

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You are welcome @mariajruizb

I hope to hear from the kids shortly.

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Wow... Thank you @samuel20 ,we glad to have you here teacher.

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You are welcome @peachyladiva
I really hope we can impact the kids through this medium.

Wow!! Interesting

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Thank you @happy01

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Hello dear @samuel20, thank you for sharing this beautiful lesson for the kids. Your publication is well appreciated.
Keep sharing quality contents in the community.

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Thank you so much @steemkidss Let's continue to make the kids better.

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Hello @samuel20 , Your post has been selected as one of the quality posts for the day by steemkids community. Congratulations! Please keep making quality and original contents with us here. We love you so much and will like to read more of your posts.

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Thank you for selecting my post @steemkidss

I hope to do better!!!!