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As quickly as you turn off the lights and go to sleep, your toddler likes all the things that he used to refuse before bed, and starts to do atypical behaviors, so do no longer be upset, dear mother, by means of this method, as he prepares himself for sleep, we will research in this article about the strangest 5 matters that your toddler does before he sleeps.

Behaviors of your infant crying at night Weird things your toddler asks after nighttime Here are some unusual matters that your baby asks of you earlier than bed: He remembers games he hasn't performed with you for numerous months, and he desires you to play them with him at that time.

  • He convinces you that he noticed something atypical and scary in his room.

  • He begins speakme to you and asking you existential questions to which there is no answer yet. He wants to eat the meals he refused in the morning. He goes to the loo each and every five minutes.

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He wants you to tell him limitless bedtime stories. He desires to sing all the songs he maintains with you and dance to them. He loves to play with the lights in the room, by opening and closing them greater than once.

Behaviors that trade your child's stubborn conduct Weird behaviors that your child does before bed Here are the most outstanding bizarre behaviors that your toddler does before bed: He shakes and hits his head in the mattress to object to sleep. He pulls his hair. Your infant holds his physique before bed.

  • Young kids may hit their tummy, ears, feet, or different personal parts of their body before bedtime.

  • Some younger teens hold their parents' ears, faces, or hands before bed.

Your child's extraordinary behaviors are very regular in the age he is going through, do not strain him to end them, but usually think of options to adapt to them, and know that adolescents do no longer sleep peacefully all the time, and that every age stage has its nature and needs, so that your baby grows and develops excellent .

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Hi @mennamenna thank you for your update, It's very true this things are done by kids, and parents needs to adapt to their everyday changing behaviours. Continue being active in this community

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