Radiator v0.4.8 - Hive/Steem Ruby API Client: Eclipse Update

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Repository: https://github.com/inertia186/radiator

In addition to bug fixes and general identifier name changes for Hive assets, this version of Radiator now incorporates hive-ruby and steem-ruby as the primary basis for interacting with these blockchains.

So why use Radiator at all when you can just use the steem-ruby gem directly? Well, that's because Radiator can do failover as well as access the Steem Engine API.

Not only that, but Radiator can also still work with Hive (and Hive Engine), if you're into that sort of thing.

To update your applications:

bundle update

Changes in v0.4.8

Changes in v0.4.7

  • Added attr_reader for Radiator::Type::Amount #28
  • Added restful fallback for get_transaction during recover_transactions_on_error
  • Fix beneficiary serialization (thanks @eonwarped)

Changes in v0.4.6

  • Added health check and persist option

Previous Changes