@team9-nigeria logo was designed by @nigerian-yogagal

Team9-Nigeria is all set for the second phase of #thediarygame, kicking off on the 1st Of August, 2020.

Together all team members have come up with ideas to grow our five member team as well as steem especially during #thediarygame.
team9-nigeria has set up targets to be achieved which are in line with the vision of @steemitblog and steemit.
Inline with #thediarygame initiative to increase engagement and rewards in the steemit blockchain, (Recruitment, Retention And Reward)
We want to focus on dormant steem accounts, get them to be active again and join in the diary game and also inviting new members to steem.
This will be done by searching and visiting individual steem blogs through tags, communities and steem groups on WhatsApp and Telegram.

This idea was collectively discussed by all team members
That way we are recruiting and inviting both old and new people to the steem site.
This will be done by all team members.
In order to monitor the growth and stability of these new recruits we intend to stay connected with them via WhatsApp where their questions can be answered, terms are properly explained in order to enable them navigate the site with ease.
This is because we believe that mentoring and guidance is very essential to retain new recruits and dormant members.

With the help of @steemcurator01 and other curators we believe we can grow @team9-nigeria’s account in order to upvote and reward contents created by members, new recruits and general users of the steemit blockchain.
As a team,every member has full access to the account details as this account will be used for weekly update of the activities of the team members.
These activities include
Diary game posts of team members and the most outstanding post, selected by the team.
New recruits and team members that brought them,
Also,links to their introduction posts will be in the weekly report.
Activities done to ensure retention of the new recruits and how successful it was, including the setbacks and plan to overcome challenges.
Efforts in ensuring rewards for team members and new recruits through mentoring and guidance.

Team Members









@nigerian-yogagal (Team Lead)

We are super grateful to the steemit team, and are open to corrections and suggestions.


Dear @team9-nigeria

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Yeah @team9-nigeria is well ready for the diary game, we will bring in positive engagement to the steem blockchain.

Am so happy to see wemen in the field of designing and am proud u could come up with this for your team,this is a sure sign of team spirit, keep up

Awesome team you got here.
So happy to have you guys here. Cheers!

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