Steem Feedback Contest Entry Post || @mahirabdullah || What Improvements Would I Like To See On This Platform

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Hello. I'm @mahirabdullah from Dhaka, Bangladesh 🇧🇩. I would like to share some ideas about the features, improvement, functionalities that will help to improve overall user experience of this platform.


I am presenting my ideas with some specific points

Easier Sign UP & Guiding Process For The Beginers

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From the experience when I started working on Steem, I can say that It's a bit hard to realise what's going on this platform. The signing up process & the private keys are very important for a user. He should know everything about it before signing up here. Also, I've seen many new users who Don't even know about cryptocurrency properly. Again, many people do not have enough courage to ask questions to the admins & moderators

So, I think there should be more easier process to learn & know about all these things. Newcomers need to be made to feel comfortable on this platform. Easier guidelines & recruiting more interactive volunteers will help in this case.
There should be facilities to communicate personally with each other. Again, detailed video tutotial will help them a lot too.

Every Original Quality Content Creators Should Be Evaluated

The number of Steam users has grown exponentially in the last few months. As a result, although the number of quality content creators has increased comparatively, it may not be possible to give reward to everyone.

While it is not possible to give a large amount of rewards to everyone, at least a minimum amount of rewards should be provided to encourage more content sharing in the future.
Even if they aren't rewarded, Content creators may also be determined to post more original & exclusive content if admins / moderators encourage them properly.
These feedback of admins/moderators means a lot to the content creators

The Community Page Should Be More Dynamic

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Further improvements can be made by making some changes in the communities. For example, in the case of World Of Xpiler community, two sections can be created within the community where the photography will be posted in the photography section and the art will be in the art section.

The Writing & Reviews community will have a section for story-poetry, a section for book-movie etc. review.

This will make it more convenient to verify, sort & give proper credit to the contents

As a member of this platform, I felt that the above things can be improved. These features will make a user more comfortable to use this platform and make creative & original quality content in the future.

Finally, I really appreciate this way to communicate with the users by creating a contest. I would like to invite @abuahmad & @tanveer741 to participate in this contest & provide their valuable suggestions & ideas.

Thanks Everyone For Giving Your Valuable Time To Read This Post. Specially Thanks:- @steemingcurators @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your entry into this contest and for sharing your feedback with us.
Make yourself visible by making the moderators or admin of the community notice you. Hopefully in a good way of course😊


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