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A wonderful day to all steemian friends in this community!

This month we celebrate the "Environment Month" here in our country. That is why today, we, teachers initiated and show support this to this program.

Just this morning, we gathered for a "tree planting activity" inside our school. We received different kinds of plants from the local government, they also provide us soil and other gardening tools.
We are all part of Mother Earth, which is our source of life. This is our own way of returning the favor from the clean atmosphere that we breathe and to continue give a nourishing place that is worth living for.

Aside from the beauty brought to us by the plants and trees, there are also lot of benefits, like it gives fresh air as they provide oxygen and it also help cool the environment.

In this new normal education due to covid 19 pandemic, there is a sudden change of education. Whatever aid we can give to our students and to the community, we tried our best to give it. By participating this kind of activity, this greatly satisfied our desire to show support not just to our fellowmen but also to the environment in this difficult times.
As we finished a great task today, all who joined voluntarily in tree planting activity, showed happiness on their faces as they take part in a clean and green environment.


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Mabuhay ! abby0207 is a public junior high school teacher handling English in the Philippines. She makes sure to always have time with her children and shows dedication in her work. She values life and shares it through writing blogs to continue inspire others. Muchas Gracias!..

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Thanks for the support @steemingcuration. It feels great.

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Excelente amiga, muy buen trabajo Felicidades.

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Thank you my friend!