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Now I find myself debating with me,
tying ideas and sowing hopes,
trusting in a present that I am building,
looking with my hands to maintain balance.

I am not the good one nor am I the bad one,
I don't want perfection to dull openness,
I aspire from life as many congratulations as sadnesses,
returning to balance my best strength.

So I decided to build my life as pieces,
fitting each one as one who completes a whole,
shaping the shape until the whole is as expected,
but without forgetting the surprises that I like the changes I don't expect.

That is my life,
with everything between a yes and a no,
with every active hope after a stumble,
with that fervent desire to spread the peace I long for.

Because everything has to have its right measure,
bad or good,
they must be balanced...

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