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Bitcoin's price has been climbing slightly the last few closing days leaving what now looks to be a gradual push upward. This is just what we hoped to see as we wait for the 10 day moving average to bounce (the 9 day just bounced today!)

We predict that the bounce will happen tomorrow. Then it should begin to move upward following the recent price movement. If we see the price move up more in the next few days or week that would be very good.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 6.31.42 PM.png

The last few days have seen more buy pressure and the volume has gone up slightly for buying. This is likely due to the fact that Bitcoin has been holding strong above $10,000 USD.

The strength that BTC has been showing above $10K is great. It builds support and signals that it may not go below that number again. This causes more buying as we get close to that number, further building that support like a snowball effect!

It might be a good time to accumulate a bit more!

Keep watching the charts! 📈

Please note : this is opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

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