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Hello and good day to @zero-to-infinity. I say thank you for this contest. I am a fun of mathematics and I am glad to participate.


Considering square A

The bugger square gives us 1, follow by the next and then the third.
So we have 3 triangles now. With the plus sign in the middle of all three angles, it divides each bigger square into four smaller squares. Doing the math, we have 4*3 = 12
So for A, we have 12 + 3 = 15. A consist of 15 squares.

Considering square B

The bigger square gives us 1. It is then divided into 9 sub squares. Adding we have 10 squares. Considering the diagonals of each corner we have a square. The diagonals give us 4 squares.

Now doing the math
1 + 9 + 4 = 14 squares.

Now adding A and B
We have
15 squares + 14 squares = 29 squares. Therefore the total number of squares is 29.

Thank you


Dear @pandev,

Thanks a lot for posting in this community. Hopefully, you will continue doing quality content regarding Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics in the future too.

Thank You.

I really like that field too much. Count me in with anything in this community

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