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Steem-bangladesh's directors have made a decision for this. Regular users who have not received any support in the last 7 days will share their posts with us and we will verify it. If that post deserves a reward, we'll reward him/ her . We will continue this contest for the next ten days. There will be a prize of 10 Steem per day. And a total of 100 steem will be award in 10 days.After this contest is over, we will think about giving a new contest.


This is Day-9 prize

21-08-2020 Winner Update:

1st Place: @tanjib705

2nd Place: @hasanurhasib

3rd Place: @mdmomin12

4th Place: @arifulislamabir

5th Place : @tufan99

Winner selection by: @rex-sumon

The prize will be sent to all winner's account within the next eight hours

Prize Formatting Table Update


From the beginning till today, i create a chart with all the information about how much steem a user has received and how many times he has won. This will help in awarding the next day. Those who received low amounts of steem and those who received nothing will be rewarded by looking at this chart later. We will reward almost all active users in our community with this award.

90 STEEM Distributed. Average prize 3.62 steem .

Again this contest will be active for the next 24 hours

We have some rules for the contest:

  1. The user must be regular
  2. Your post must be seven days old
  3. The post must be more than 300 words
  4. A user can only share one link
  5. Comment on this post within 24 hours from now.
If your account under the power down you will disqualify.

Prize distribution system

1st Place = 3 STEEM
2nd Place= 2.5 STEEM
3rd Place = 2 STEEM
4th Place = 1.5 STEEM
5th place = 1 STEEM

Supplier of 100 STEEM for a total of ten days:

@toufiq777 @tarpan @ridoykhan22

@rex-sumon @sohanurrahman

@unicode @mspbro @dongkong

@fanhim @sajibmolla17

Those who controlled the former Bangladesh community have moved to a different platform. But we are holding on to the platform of our love. We have to work hard now and take Bangladesh back to a good position.

I am attracting the attention of new users. If you work regularly, you will definitely get support.

Join our Discord server. Here you can learn a lot. If you have any problem you will get solution from here and many great gifts are given here. CLICK HERE TO JOIN TO JOIN steem-bangladesh DISCORD SERVER


Good Bye Everyone.


Post Courtesy: @rex-sumon


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