The Diary Game : 20.09.2022

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(Peace Be Upon You)

My Diary

September 20, 2022

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“It's not easy keeping a diary. You have to be pretty committed". -Karl Pilkington

Today I woke up 2-3 hours earlier than the other days. It's a good sign for me. I have to wake up early with consistency. I have to get rid of the bad habit. I got freshened up in half an hour. I drank a glass of lemon juice before breakfast. I chatted with one of my friends on Discord for a while.

Flowering plants in my garden. Location- MW67+3VP Parbatipur

After some time I took my breakfast. I had rice with mashed potatoes and fried eggs for the breakfast. It was a tasteful breakfast. After having breakfast I went to my garden. I spent some time with my plants and took some pictures of the flowers. I checked our community on steemit. No one posted in the morning.

I also spent a little on other online social platforms. I took a shower when it was noon. A few moments later I was lying on the bed. I was feeling sleepy, I fell asleep. After waking up I took my lunch. I had rice with vegetables for the lunch.

After having lunch I watched some videos on YouTube. In the afternoon I took a little walk outside. I am missing the football and cricket game. Playing games is good exercise, but It's been a few months since I didn't play any games. Hope soon I will play.

I drank a cup of tea in the afternoon. Location- MW67+3VH Parbatipur

I drank a cup of tea at home. I called a younger brother and asked him if he can join me for a walk. The younger brother was tired after returning from his job. So he told me that he will come for a walk in the evening.

Clemon (cold drinks). Location- MW67+4W2 Parbatipur

In the evening the younger brother meets me. We had a cold drink before starting our walk. We walked into the neighbourhood. We also had some gossip. We had a little fun also. After a nice little hangout, I returned home. It was a typical day. I didn't publish a diary in the last few days. So I decided to write down my activities in the diary.

Thank you for reading


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