The Diary Game||by @ripon999||28 October 2021

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The Diary Game

27 October 2021

Assalamualaikum Everyone

This is @ripon999 from Bangladesh

  • Hope Everyone is well.
  • I am also well by the grace of Allah.
  • Today I have chosen "The Diary Game" among the three contest at 'MyTown In Ten Pictures','Better Life','The Diary Game' by Settem-Bangladeah community.
  • So Let's get Started.


When I woke up in the morning, I lay in bed for a while and used Facebook, and after I used Facebook, I logged into the steemit account for a while and checked the notifications.Then I went to the washroom, washed my hands and face on the dental table and got fresh.I sat down to read a book with some light snacks.



In the afternoon I took a bath and had lunch and after a while I went to bed to rest and started watching movies on youtube while lying down.After watching the movie for a while, I fell asleep.



I woke up, washed my hands and face, and after a while I went out with my bicycle for a walk.After a light walk, I arrived at the bus terminal and spent some time with friends..My friends all hang out together and have a little light breakfast before.



After chatting till evening, I came home and washed my hands and started reading Arabic.After reading Arabic, I can watch a little TV and after watching TV, I came to the room and used Facebook on my mobile.From 10 o'clock at night I ate dinner and from 11 o'clock I fell asleep playing games.


Best regards @ripon999

♥Thanks To All♥

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