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I'm @rimon03 from Bangladesh.

Assalamu Alaikum


After waking up in the morning, do not brush your teeth and then go to the bath and freshen up and do not have breakfast. After breakfast, go to the reading table and do not cover the morning reading. And then I finished reading and went private. The incident happened in a private today after going private and the incident was so funny that it was like starting a stomach ache while laughing. Then after a lot of fun I finished private and came home. I don't take a bath before coming home and after taking a bath I eat breakfast and then I go to school as soon as it's time for school.

After returning from school in the afternoon, I go to eat fresh. I call a little after school now because I don't have much time to call. Because I have already said that now I have more reading pressure so I don't use the phone much now. After running the phone for a while, sometimes I go to sleep and sometimes if there is any math work, I do it. Because I like to do maths by turning on the phone at the end of the afternoon.


This afternoon a friend of mine called me and said that he would come to see us playing here. I said if you come to pick me up then I will go. Then my friend came to my house and then I went with him to watch the game. And after watching the game, the two of us got on the bike and came home after a little horse ride. After coming home, I went to watch cricket on TV because today was the game of Bangladesh and I watch the game of Bangladesh all the time, if I don't watch it on TV, then I watch it on the phone. And from the time I understand the game till today I always watch live game of Bangladesh. Then after watching the game, there is no dinner. And then I finished reading and went to sleep at around 12 o'clock.

Thanks for all guy's

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Nice Diary

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