How to achieve great success on steem platform by doing some simple maintenance

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From this post you will learn 5 important ways to succeed in steem, written in an easy to understand way. We will focus on some strategies. This guide is suitable for beginners, intermediate level users!



Curation rewards for new users are negligible. You can vote 100% from your account 10 times a day. You shouldn't vote too much, so you're better off if you're below or close to this number. You can cast 20 votes, in that case 50%.

Post quality and frequency

This is the most important factor! If you ignore all the other tips and just focus on it, you will succeed in the end. Adding other strategies will further accelerate your success. You can easily achieve double success.

You should be shooting for at least 2 high quality releases per week. But what is quality content? Quality content is original, well-written, well-structured, interesting and effective content that you are passionate about. Many users have already had huge success. This method is much more effective to be popular with everyone.


You can comment by using your own arguments on the topics discussed. Commenting is probably the second most important factor in the success of Steem.

Comments will help you make a lot more money than curation prizes. And you will also find new followers, new friends, education and contentment. Never miss an opportunity to comment from now on. This is a long or short comment, no matter the quality of the comment. Don’t be afraid to have fun, joke and sometimes invest a lot of time in the comments to help someone or start an interesting discussion! You can also get 1% votes from @steemcurator01 with good quality comments.


Increase your engagement after you publish your articles on a topic. This will make your writing reach a lot of readers. Your popularity will increase. After submitting your post to steemit, share the link of your post on various social media platforms. Such as Twitter, Facebook etc. This is a popular method. Your content will easily reach different classes of people.

Good use of the community:

You all already know that there are many communities on Steem. Some of these communities are country based, while some communities are based on specific topics. For example: You have created a blog about cricket. And it has been published in any country based community. Then naturally you will get much less readers. And if you submit your blog to the cricket related community world of cricket community, you will easily get many more readers. Because users who have subscribed to the world of cricket community are interested in reading cricket related blogs. Therefore, the number of your audience will increase. Simple.

If you follow all these tips, you are guaranteed to succeed. Good luck to you.


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Directly I got those guidelines from you while coming in this platform. After all I was benefited well. To create was successive way. Thanks for publishing as public post.

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Here are some examples of how to be successful on Steemit. I learned a lot from reading this post of yours. Thank you very much.

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Thanks you too

All guidelines are really important. specially engagement is really important here. from my my long journey with this platform I have experienced a lot of issues and which are very much related to your discussion. thank you very much for explaining very nicely to the community for achieving success here in steem.
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Thanks for understanding

Thank you for your work in steem greeters project.