Betterlife || The Diary Game || 15/10/ 2021 ||

in Steem Bangladesh2 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum

How are you all friends I hope you are all well. I am also much better by the infinite mercy of Allah Tayala. The daily contest of Steam Bangladesh is still present today with my diary. My whole day story.



My uncle wakes up in the morning on the phone. After that I got out of bed and I didn't go for a run. So I was a little upset. I went to my uncle's house. Because my uncle will give Birani in the mosque after prayers in the mosque. So he called me and asked me to bring beef from the land market. I brought the meat from Parbatipur and then I brought Radhuni from her house again. After that Radhuni cooked the sola and after that I chopped the meat into small pieces. After that the biryani started to cook. After that I cooled the biryani. I packed the biryani with polythene.



After packing the biryani, I go to take a bath. After taking a bath, I go to the mosque with the packets of biryani. After that I give bowls to everyone around the house. After I eat, I go to the room with my mobile phone in my hand and listen to music. Then suddenly I fell asleep.



After waking up in the afternoon, I am fresh in the market. I come to the market and see football being played on the field. Then I watch football game with friends. After the game, friends have breakfast in the canteen. And after taking the medicine, I left for home.


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