THE DIARY GAME : 12/08/2020

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I woke up at 9 O'clock because of the noise created from the work of electrical wiring in our building. I brushed my teeth and freshened myself up. In the dining table the breakfast was ready. My parents and my brother were getting ready to visit a distant relative. They left home at around 9:30 in the morning. I was alone in home. My job was to monitor the workers, if they need any equipment or anything else. I was with the workers until 1 O'clock.

I went to the bathroom to take shower. Then I set up the table for lunch. The lunch was cooked by my mother in the morning. Then I went to bed for some rest. After taking rest for some time I went out to monitor the work that was going on. I helped the workers a little.

My father called to check up on me. We had an invitation from my uncle's for dinner. My mother went to my uncle's residence directly after coming back from the other invitation. My uncle called me to know when I would come. My father and brother came back home in the evening just before the workers finished their work. My father paid them and they left.

After that my father took shower and we got ready for the dinner invitation. My brother didn't come with us as he was having a headache. So, we left without my brother.


Uncle decorate the dinner beautifully

When we reached our uncle's residence, it was already past 8pm. My cousins were excited to see us. We all talked for some time, then sat down for dinner. My aunt packed food for my brother since he didn't come. After the dinner my parents and I took leave and came back home. I took shower again.

My brother who was sleeping woke up and was hungry. I heated up the foods that we brought for him as my mother was praying. He completed his dinner, sat down with me for some time and then went to bed again. Later I logged into Facebook and checked notifications. Now I am in bed keeping my diary.
Thank You.


beautiful dinner 😋😋

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Please write more

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কুমড়া ফুল ডিম দিয়ে ভাজি করে খাইতে সেই লাগে 😛

Ho vie

Its lool like the food was very tasty, isn't it? Can you tell me the recipe?


Actually I don't know. But It taste good.

Hope your brother is feeling okay now. Your uncle must be a good cook! He did a great job of decorating the food. I tried decorating the food I cooked and it's not very pleasing to look at. 😁


My uncle's wife cooks very good.

Nice Post

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