THE DIARY GAME: 11/08/2020

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I woke up at around 9 O'clock today. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and hands. When I got out of my room, there were already many guests in our home. In the living room there were my two uncles and one cousin. They were all here with different purposes. I sat down with them and joined the conversation. One of my uncles brought a woodsman with him as my father wanted to make a divan for the living room and another wooden bed for the TV room. We chose a design for each. My father bargained and settled the deal. My other uncle and cousin were here only to visit my brother and mother. We all ate breakfast together. Then they all left.

Our house became all dusty today since there were electrical wiring going on in our house building which went on until the evening. We ate our lunch together at 2:00pm. There was an invited guest; One of my uncles came by our house to eat lunch together. He was all alone in his home since his family was out, so we invited him to have lunch with us.


Sunset View

After the lunch I went to bed to take some rest, listened to songs and musics using the earphone I received as a gift yesterday. In the afternoon, my family except myself went to visit a relative's house. I stayed home, since the wiring was still going on and somebody had to remain in home for in-case the workers needed anything. Before the evening I went to the rooftop take the picture of sunset.


Another view of Sunset View

My family returned home shortly after the evening. They freshened themselves up and shared their experience. My mother served us with tea as we continued our conversion. We talked a lot until it was time for dinner. We ate our dinner. Then I passed some time checking my Instagram and Facebook notifications and replying to the messages I had received. I'm enjoying a busy day like this after passing too much boring and idle days for a long time.
Thank You.


The sky is awesome, isn't it? I like your photography bro. I want to see some more photography post from you.


Nice diary.

I also listen to music when I get leisure time. Sunset view was awesome. Nice view from your rooftop.

Thank you.


 2 months ago 

Wonderful photography bro

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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