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Hi, friends.
How are you?
Hope all you are well and enjoying your time.

This is my 1st day in the shopping game.

I went to the market this morning to buy mangoes. This fruit shop is located next to the station in Syedpur city. I went to the market today to buy suryapuri mango. At present, the mango season is almost over in Bangladesh. So, now there is not enough mango in the market. The mango that is available is also very expensive. And maybe after 1 week mango will not be available. So, today I bought 10 kg of suryapuri mango.


The price of 1 kg of Suryapuri mango is 60 tk. Then the price of 10 kg suryapuri mango is 600 tk. 600 = 33.33 steem.



Total price is 600 tk in steem it will cost 33.33 steem.


Thank you


Welcome to the shopping game, great having you here.
That was a great start on your shopping game, I love the mangoes, looking yummy.

Please, try always adding the country where the market is located, just as you mentioned the city.


I'm mention, you cannot see this.


El mango es un fruto que valoramos mucho también por estos lados, específicamente en Venezuela, tenemos de diferentes tipos, su sabor dulce es apreciado para hacer distintos dulces, jugos o comerlo directamente. El precio es similar al de allá. Saludos cordiales.

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Welcome to shoppinggame.

Good shopping bro, Mango is one of my favorite fruits. I like Harivanga Mango the most. I don't like Suryapuri mango. This ami is not so sweet. It tastes sour and sweet. I like sweet mango more.

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ওকে ব্রাদার, এখনি শেয়ার করতেছি।

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Hi @adritaa , thanks for taking part in the shopping game.

I love mango to eat mango. Though I have never purchase a lot like you. Look like you can eat a lot mango than me.

greeting from @tarpan

Mango is a delicious and nutritious fruit. However, at present some unscrupulous traders are giving formalin in mangoes. As, if I can keep it for a long time. Mango does not rot easily if given formalin. However, this formalin added mango does a lot of damage to the body.

You will understand how any mango has formalin which does not. There is a little easier way. You will see that flies come whenever you cut any fragrant fruit. Flies do not come when that mango is cut. He is given formalin in mango. Because, mangoes with formalin do not fly. And the mango that does not have formalin in it flies away as soon as the mango is cut.

And if you buy mangoes from the market, it is not clear which mangoes they have given formalin to. They will never tell the truth. For this you will go directly to the mango orchard. Because, if you go to the garden, you can buy ripe mangoes. You can buy beautiful mangoes by choosing. Maybe the price of mango will take a little more money. But you will get fresh mango. Which will benefit the body.

I eat mango every day. But you do not know whether the purchased from your market is formalin free. It can be seen that I ate mango for body nutrition. It harmed our body.

Lastly, whatever you buy, buy it. Let's spend a little more money. Buy the good thing. @adritaa

Thank you for taking part in The Shopping Game on Steem.

You didn't win today, but keep entering. You might be lucky tomorrow!

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