Music For Steem | Valentine Special |Song: A Love for History | Cover by @oscarcede || Canción: Un Amor para la Historia

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Big shout out to the community Music For Steem today I'll be joining this wonderful "Valentine's Special" contest. I will make my entry with a beautiful song by Gilberto Santa Rosa entitled: "A love for history", I will dedicate this song to all "Lovers", especially to my wife, who we carry 38 years happily married, God bless you, greetings ...

Un gran saludo a la Comunidad de Music For Steem hoy me sumo a este maravilloso concurso "Valentine Special" el cual ha tenido mucha receptividad. Mi entrada la haré con un bonito tema de Gilberto Santa Rosa que lleva por titulo: "Un Amor para la Historia" , esta canción se la voy a dedicar a todos los "Enamorados", en especial a mi esposa que llevamos 38 años felizmente casados, Dios los bendiga, saludos...

A Love for History

They speak of an amazing love
So intense and fascinating
Like the spring sun
They tell of a love that is so perfect
So beautiful and so honest
That is displayed wherever
They say about that love
That they are for each other
And they are talking
Only U.S
Ours is a love for history
Every memory
It will mark our whole life
Ours is a love
Bigger than love
So big is my star and my flag
Ours is a love that is so deep
That amazes the world
That gives hope and new desire
Ours is a love
That escapes reason
Violent as the fire that does not burn
They talk about an almost impossible love
Exciting and unpredictable
That caresses and runs over
They say about that love
That they are for each other
And they are talking
Simply from