Music For Steem- Hello(cover)

Have a happy Wednesday to all of you!

I sing a song Hello and I wanna share it with you.
The song is all about saying hello to everyone, asking if it is me that you are looking for? It is also asking how to win your heart? This is the thought of the song and it's up to you to understand the rest of what it means.

I been singing every day and it is one of so many ways how to overcome stress. Through singing , I expressed what I am going to say and ease the boredom of being alone and lonely. Never mind the voice, what really matter is the support for the music for steem community.

That's all and happy listening.

The original music video of Hello by #lionel Richie

Enjoy the day! Thank you #musicforsteem

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Thank you friends, let's develop your creator's work, I hope this platform will be more successful and prosperous in the future, let's beat YouTube so that they all switch to this platform.

cc: @booming04
cc: @booming02


Yes, lets do it. Thank you so much.