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Hello Friends & Fans!

Another week has passed and we hope you enjoyed every minute! I myself have watched, listened, and judged all entries the past 12 editions. Tbh, I had more goosebumps than an actual naked goose, imagine that. If you want that experience too, we are making a "best off" as we speak. (or write/type, whatever)

Thanks, @cmp2020 for sponsoring your last weeks winnings (10 STEEM), we add this to the prize of this week's winner!

During our personal break, we discussed the future of MFS and how we can scale it, big. Tomorrow, we (but most likely me) will write a request and we would like to have your opinion. Stay Tuned

Thanks again artists for bringing music to the Steem blockchain.
You are our sunshine ☀


The winners.png


@isha.ish"Tum Hi Ho"INDIA

Actually from minute 1 that you joined MFS, you stole our heart. The intro, the performance, the tone of your voice. You are one of the suppliers of goosebumps I talked about.

WINNER: 20 STEEM + 10 STEEM donated by @cmp2020


see post...


@esthersanchez"I can't make you love me"VENEZUELA

Thanks sister! You are so so talented and I hope to hear so much more from you!


see post...


@roy.sajib"Ai Mon Tomake Dilam "BANGLADESH


see post...


We like to award the Best European artist @shemzee, and the Venezuelan Artist @diegopadilla with 5 STEEM each.

We will do extra prizes every week from now!

Also, an extra way of earning is announced tomorrow!!!

Contest rules.png

-Your recording must start with you saying the phrase music for steem. week (corresponding number) and username, it must be recorded live.

  • Upload the video to YouTube / dtube and post it on Steemit. Minimum duration of the video, one minute.

  • The title of the post should be: MUSIC FOR STEEM WEEK (corresponding number) + title of the song.

  • Share on your social networks and use the #steemit #steem tags and leave your link in the comments of your post. (Optional).

  • Upvote and resteem this publication

  • The entry must be published first on Steemit. Only one entry per participant

More details visit this publication


First place

  • 20 STEEM @musicforsteem
  • Ticket: Music For Steem GRAND FINALE (End of Year)

We now have 9 artists with a ticket for the grand finale at the end of the year:
Week 1: @juliolunar
Week 2: @futuremind
Week 3: @davidcentenor
Week 4: @danieldedosd2
Week 5: @cmp2020 & @esouthern3
Week 6: @eugelys
Week 7: @gaborockstar
Week 8: @kjablonski
Week 9: @isha.ish

Week 10 and 11 we had repeating winners.

Second place

Third place





Delegation links for @Musicforsteem


After clicking on the link, you must accept the amount of sp, and sign with your active private key and accept it. Remember to leave at least 50SP in your account.

Curation trail.png

You can follow our trail here and set your vote in the curation trail category. Help us to curate content that deserves to be recognized and valued by all.



Great work, thank you for organizing Music For Steem.

We have sent some upvotes to the winners.

The Steemit Team

You guys are amazing! Thank you

A lot of work brings happiness :)

I'm really super excited. I did not think I could upload my entry this week. Thank you very much friends. It has been a great honor to have made my presentation.
Hugs and blessings to everyone !!

We are excited that it worked! Thanks for joining and congratulations!!

What genres of music are allowed....?
Cause i can't seem to find any rap artist

All kind, doesnt matter what style you play.

You will be the first :)

How do i contest...?

Let's be friends. I'd appreciate it if you pressed.

It would be nice to be friends, but I don't understand ...

I'd appreciate it if you pressed.

Why do you need me to press you?

because im cute hahhahaha

Hi! Congrats to the winners! They are so great!

PS: @musicforsteem I never received a big vote when I got second place on week 9. I guess it was because I couldn't post after that. Let me know if I am going to receive the prize in a vote I just received Steem, please. I just wanna know, Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot girl!

We do not operate the big votes accounts! There are country-specific curation accounts and Venezuela has an ambassador too.

The votes steemcurator01 gives are a gesture but not guaranteed. It is a lottery and you just got to play and be lucky :D

Thanks babe and see you soon!

Oooh so bad :( That I won a 2nd Place and I did not have good Luck to get a better vote.
Have a nice day!

Oh My God...!! Really.... I couldn't even imagine getting such a news in the morning. I've made India proud once again. I'm grateful to you @musicforsteem. You're the beauty dear.. Your encouragement inspired me a lot to sing more for @musicforsteem. ❤️ U @musicforsteem 🎵🎶🎸🤘

I congratulate you!
You have done an excellent performance!
Greetings from Venezuela!

 2 years ago (edited)

Thank you so much @esthersanchez❤️❤️..I congratulate you too.Share many more songs with everyone and just enjoy the music


congratulations, shit I missed week 11.

Thanks. It's okay @ankitwish.. you can participate this week .😊😊

Nice job honey!! Congratulations! Have so much talent! ❤❤❤

Thanks a lot .@jeemrocker☺️🌸

felicidades a los ganadores, saludos con cariño a la comunidad musicforsteem,

Congratulations @isha.ish and @esthersanchez ... You're amazing.. thanks a lot @musicforsteem for inspiring me... You guys are doing a tremendous job..

It is so cute and inspiring to read this!
That makes my job more rewarding, I like to feel that people like what I do. Thank you for your words of support and motivation. Thank you for being there. A hug!

Congratulations to the 3 winners and mainly @ isha.ish for winning from MUSIC FOR STEEM WEEK 12 keep it up! You deserve it, Everyone was amazing @esthersanchez and @ roy.sajib.

Thanks dear ❤️

Que agradable sorpresa! Para esta semana les prepararé algo especial.

Muchas felicidades a los ganadores 😁

Congratulation to the winners. It's glad to see @isha.ish on top once again. @roy.sajib brother you have made a great progress.

@esthersanchez, you got wonderful voice. Thanks for sharing this beautiful song with us.

Wavin flag. This is one of my favourite song and to me this is the best song ever for fifa world cup.

Thanks a lot dada 😊,,

Thank you very much!!

Felicitaciones @isha.ish @roy.sajib @esthersanchez estupendo concurso @musicforsteem

Muchas gracias querida @sacra97!

Thanks dear ❤️

Please find my week 12 entry below and thanks for the love and support.

Hey, these people are amazing they have awesome talent. First of all, let's thank Music For Steem because they are doing great work for music lovers and singers. And secondly congratulate the winners.


good summary, you have time during the corona time to go through everything comfortably! :P

![IMG_20200824_201038.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)

Very nice keep going!!

can i send my music videos to you?

@disclife you should add an @ to his name so he could notice your question
You look new try newcomers community @cmp2020

thank you brother @rex007

Ini adalah pengalaman pertama saya di steem sangat menarik dan menyenangkan , dan menambah wawasan saya music for steem the beast

Really awesome .. flying flag. This is one of my favorite songs and to me it's the best FIFA World Cup song of all time. I've heard this song a lot. Thank you so much for posting this...

amazed to know that stuff like these are also valued on steemit.

tum hi ho perfect song by arijit and proud to be an Indian.

very good clips

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