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Hello everyone, I woke up early today morning. I got up at 6 am to take my daughter to school. It was so cold and dark that I was hesitant to go. I woke my daughter. I drank milk. I dressed and got ready and left the house.


While I was on the road, my daughter said to her mother, I am cold all the time. We took some in my arms and walked. It was very cold as it was early hour. The mask warmed his face a little.

We scan IDs when we get to school. Mom and Dad have cards. In this way, we give the child safely. we can only get it from school. I expect him to put on his school shoes first. She goes to kindergarten at the age of 4.


I came home after I left. I cleaned the house a little. I did the tasks on steemit. I voted from community accounts. I arranged our tables..

I made a grape leaf wrap for my future guests. I didn't cook it but I prepared it for Saturday. I spent 6 hours trying to do this. I guess I can't feel my waist right now. 😖


Since I will share the recipe, I am not posting any more pictures of it. Then my daughter came from school. We played games with my son and daughter. we wasted time. I made meatballs for dinner. And I finished the day tired.




Guzel ve yorucu bir gun olmus. prensese kiyamam cok erken gidiyor.😔 ellerinize sağlık sqrmalar cook guzel olmuş kalem gibi 😊👍

 2 months ago 

Ohh wow look whose here ❤️ welcome @svm038

yes it's been a long time ☺️ thanks. Allah hafız 🙋🏻‍♀️

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