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Hopefully You all are fine and doing well


Today i am back with my diary post after 3 weeks becouse i was not fine and was suffering from bad health so that's why i was not able to work post regularly my diaries ,but i was active at steemit by making my post of contest entries, photography and art publications.


Today i got up early in the morning and after getting ready and having breakfast i went to school . As this is beginning of winter season so in the morning i enjoy cold weather with cool refreshing winds . By riding on my bike when i go to school. i am very punctual and reach to school at time and after assembly and prayers i take some classes but these days we are working on update of students so my task is to take photoshots of all students and i am doing this work from previous three days . There are more then 2000 students in school but half students still absent becouse of covid 19 . 50% parents not allowing there children to take classes so we are managing to provide them all lessons through video lectures . So today i spent all my time in taking photoshots of students in morning shift.

after morning shift duty i came home for lunch break after having kari food in lunch i went back to senond shift duty . There was a different task for me. There is an upcoming event of Jashne **Eid Milad-un-NABI (P.B.U.H) and students preparing and doing practice , reciting NAATs i had to setup the mic and echo sounds for them so i was working i dont know the wiring of amplifier but i did through searching on youtube

IMG20201022140819.jpgPhotoshot taken while arrangment of echo sound setup

After completing my duty time i came back to home and checked my steemit account for notifications i was so happy to see that cooking Shami kabab post got third place in @steemitfoods post Best steemfoods Posts of the week thanks Steemfoods Community for the appreciation :)

After spending an hour at steemit i decieded to make a drawing according to my good mood i made a drawing of Eye by Pen i captured some photoshots and made a post in #worldofxpilar community becouse artworks highly appreciated at this community

IMG_20201022_192908.jpgMy Drawing by Pen

after making a post i went outside to buy some thing of daily need and then i had dinner with Kari Pakora and Bread . After having dinner i started writing my diary after finishing it i will check some post from pakistani steemians in STEEMIT PAKISTAN Community and Steem Pakistan community after curating post i will sleep.


Thats all about my Thursday diary

As a country Representative in The Diary Game from Pakistan , i request @steemcurator01 please take a visit to pakistani Communities .Are You Angry with Us? We are missing You Alot

Lots of Love💓💓

Best Regards @rashid001


Hello @rashid001

Hello, first of all greetings and thank God you are well, really after you are on this platform and we spent days without writing is like we lack something he he has happened to me.

As for the students, it is as if they are at a global level. I am from Venezuela and here the education is at a distance, the parents go to look for the classes so that the children study at home with our support.

I hope that this happens soon so that everything will be normal and we can breathe in peace without mouths.

Greetings and take care of yourself.

#twopercent #venezuela #affable

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Thanks @zhanaviv69 , there is again a fear of smart lockdown and it effects on education first . And we are following all SOP's but let's see what happens ..

We are doing as possible for our students providing video lectures

but still there is a Hope for the Best ..

#twopercent #pakiatan #affable

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Thank you @scliwa 🌹... I like the efforts of @R2cornell and community curation project, for Support of Steemians
Keep doing Good .
GOD Bless You.💓

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""Did you really mean to ignore me"

Since 15 september you have not visited any of my diary even all expired . I have worked honestly as country representative and tried to put all efforts to build steem in Pakistan. I Invited all pakistani to the diary game and other projects .supported and encouraged them. but i am missing support from you.
i thought you are too much busy in curating other projects and may be you will visit but now i am very confused i can see you mostly visit at diaries of all other country representative but not at mine.

I have asked before but no responce .
If my content is not good you should advice me but ignoring like this will make me fully disappointed .

I am expecting your reply . If you ignored this message i will understand that my presence and my content is useless for Steemit and so there will be no reason for me to be there anymore

Cc: @steemcurator01

Your's @rashid001
Country Representative

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