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Saturday. Idk what it is about Saturdays for me either I’m in bed doing nothing the whole day or I’m up and running, there’s no in-between. Today it was busy for me. I acted so lazy this week that everything I had to do piled up so instead of having a lazy Saturday I decided to get done with all the chores I had pending. From cleaning to my room to washing my bathroom. I had so many clothes lying around I neatly folded them and placed them in my drawer, organised my cupboard, took dozen empty water bottles downstairs to my kitchen, did laundry and dusted my whole room and sorted out few more things which required sorting.



I got so tired after cleaning that I spent next few hours lying down in my bed. I was so relieved that I did everything I had planned for today but to my disappointment my friend texted me reminding me about the pending assignments we had to do which were due today. Frustratedly I got up, gathered all the remaining energy I had and started working on the assignment this assignment easily took my two hours but I finally got done with it as well. Rest of the day was a bit more chill. I played gun game on Pubg with my friend and the best part was I had more kills than him even though we lost, it felt amazing because he is a great player and I’m just a noob xD. Also tried this new drink that my brother got, peach malt, it was refreshing I really liked the taste of it.





It was about 10pm my aunt came with her 6yr old son, I played with him for a while and sat down with her talked about new recipes she wanted me to try. My aunt left by 11:30 then I had dinner I ordered stuffed chicken from Del Frio on my brothers recommendation and istg it was so yummy I wanted more then ate ice cream my dad got me, took a shower and came back to my room to watch the last episode of ‘behind her eyes’ a Netflix series my friend suggested. The ending was so unexpected and can swear that nobody saw it coming.Would definitely suggest it to other.




Thats it for today, hope you guys liked it.
Tc byee.



 3 months ago 

damn you seem good at pubg. Maybe play together sometime?

 3 months ago 

Haha suree

Del frio has never disappointed me🤩

 3 months ago 

same here, do try their stuffed chicken its amazing