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There are several reasons why a person may love his or her country, from a sense of belonging that develops in the first years of life, according to the experiences that are lived, to a patriotic pride due to the achievements acquired by the country in question and that consequently represent an important part of the image that reflects that nation. However, no country is free of flaws, defects or problems that need to be changed, improved or modified to solve some kind of problematic situation that harms the inhabitants of such country.

Below I would like to expose three simple reasons why I love my native country, Venezuela, and what would be the three changes I would implement in it if possible.

Reason 1 - Because it has always offered opportunities

One of the reasons why I love my country is because it has always offered opportunities throughout history. Foreigners were offered opportunities to live and even study, although this is no longer taken into account or appreciated correctly. One of the virtues that Venezuela possesses, is the so-called "social mobility", a capacity that has been diminished in recent years due to the economic crisis we face, but today it can still be remembered with much affection.

The term I use above can be used to refer to the possibility that some low-income people had to access books, clothes, studies and some benefits that they normally could not obtain on their own. This happens in the following way:

A family that had enough resources to pay for their children's studies usually tended to hire mothers or fathers to perform domestic chores in their home. The family (employer) and the persons hired developed a close bond through their work and a relationship that could be built over time.

Once the bond was built and the relationship was stable, the employer could help the hired person, generally mothers with children who did not have the uniforms, school supplies and other tools necessary to lead a satisfactory school life. Thus, "social mobility" in Venezuela had become an instrument that allowed to conceive opportunities through the construction of a healthy employer-hired relationship.

This situation could occur at the primary, secondary and university levels. Those who could not study, were able to do so thanks to the help of other people.

This situation does not occur in other countries or at least, it is not the most common and those who manage to enter a university have an extraordinary academic record or come from a wealthy family.

Reason 2 - Solidarity


Illustration of solidarity - Original image edited with Microsoft Power Point.

Venezuelans can be proud of many things, but one in particular is our sense of solidarity. I'm not afraid to say that we are always ready to offer a helping hand or reach out to someone, to bite the only bread on our table and share it with a stranger. Thanks to my days in a Catholic church youth movement I have experienced first hand how harsh the reality can be to see people in a very pitiful state, without the economic condition to sustain themselves or even eat something simple.

When I was in the church and was part of that movement called YouFra, we would go out every week to hand out food as an act of charity for those who could not support themselves. As well as making visits to nursing homes, hospitals and helping those people who had personal circumstances that were very difficult to cope with on their own.

We Venezuelans have not been in the best possible situation lately, but if we have the opportunity to reach out to a person and help them to the extent that our ability allows us, we will not hesitate to do so. This is quite true and it is only necessary to search the internet for news of Venezuelans who have risked their lives in foreign countries to save the lives of others regardless of nationality...

This reminds me of the case of a young Venezuelan in the United States who protected his schoolmates and saved them from dying in a shooting, receiving 4 shots as a consequence, I leave you the link to verify the news..

Reason 3 - We always laugh


Illustration about the smile - Original image edited with Microsoft Power Point.

Venezuelans have a gift, a virtue that goes beyond any other virtue and allows us to get ahead no matter the situation. This virtue is that we always laugh, and although for some people from other countries this may seem a lack of seriousness with respect to particular circumstances or a kind of mockery, it is not so.

This refers more to the ability to face an adverse situation in a much more fluid way and without focusing on the negative parts. Laughing or making jokes does not change the status quo, but it does help to release tension and allows us to move forward knowing that there are possibilities to solve the problem. Just as we make jokes and laugh at misfortunes, we then use all our abilities to overcome that tribulation.

It is not easy, and sometimes it is impossible to do it alone, for that very reason we always look for a person who can support us in some way. In Venezuela, if you are not able to laugh and smile, be sure that someone else will make you laugh. If you can wake up every day with a smile, then it is possible to face problems and not get dragged down by them as happens in many cases.

Change 1 - Read more


Illustration on reading - Original image edited with Microsoft Power Point.

One simple change I would like to implement would be to promote the habit of reading and writing. We are very successful in the field of sports and science, but I feel that in Venezuela this aspect has not been given enough importance. As I have not personally visited all the states, I will explain this point based on the case of the State of Bolivar - Ciudad Bolivar where I currently reside.

In Ciudad Bolivar there are few bookstores and only one very well known library, which is the Rómulo Gallego Library, I have been there several times and the truth is like a cemetery. Most of the books wait on the shelves filling up with dust and almost no one goes there. Thanks to the rise of the technological era, young people today only care about following the new trends and very few people are interested in reading and going to the library. I think a lot of potential is being lost there and should be tapped somehow.

Some people in the city don't even know that such a library exists and those who do know, are mostly not interested....

Change 2 - Improve transportation

Transportation in Ciudad Bolivar and the rest of the country is not particularly excellent. At least in Bolivar, there are missing routes to be covered, drivers break clear rules overloading the vehicles with people who end up clinging to the windows or doors in order to get on and risk their lives just to get to their destination. This is not fair, there should be more buses, cabs at affordable prices and an established safety protocol that does not allow this kind of situations.

It is also true that the drivers are not entirely to blame because they need to maintain their buses, but it has reached a point where passengers can be in danger and this is not good. I would like to see this aspect improved and the use of fingerprint devices to pay for the bus, a tool that has not been globalized for reasons unknown to me.

Change 3 - Inflation

I know it is a lot to ask, but I would like to see some way to improve the inflation issue. If the economic capacity of Venezuelans is diminished by the inflationary crisis that is eating away at us and that the government is apparently trying to curb, then our quality of life will not improve under any circumstances.

We are all looking for opportunities to live better and by this I do not mean luxuries or anything like that, just normal living conditions. Having a house, food, basic services and some space for leisure and recreation should be part of any human life, but the reality is not so simple and many of us fall into desperation, looking for an opportunity in foreign countries where the situation may be even more difficult and jobs are not easy to acquire in a short period of time.

Somehow, we struggle, we eat any food even if it has no nutritional value and we go on hoping that inflation will decrease, if tomorrow rice does not cost one bolivar or one dollar more than yesterday, then enough reason to celebrate and have a party.


The reasons to love a country are many and the changes to be implemented are varied, but above all we should be happy to have been born and have the opportunity to see the light of day. The reasons given are intangible, but also more valuable because they delve into the depths of the human being and his ability to progress through human relationships. While the changes, although they would not solve all the problems we have, they would help us to move forward, to be better people and to recover the purchasing power that was not sufficiently valued in the past.

I would like to invite @maylinch, @enveng and @gabrielagg.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you liked it.

I sincerely wish you health and success.

And of course, I also thank the rest of the curators, moderators and administrators who strive every day so that there is not a single publication devoid of attention.

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Muchas gracias por la invitacion.

De nada, espero que te animes a participar.

#affable #venezuela

Saludos amigo, indudablemente compartí con lo que estás exponiendo.

Venezuela ha dado mucha oportunidad a todo extranjero que ha llegado a nuestro país y da oportunidad a los habitantes para estudiar y desarrollarse de una u otra manera.

La solidaridad se lleva por dentro, somos muy dados a colaborar y ayudar al que lo necesita.

Me gusta el primer cambio, incentivar a niños, jóvenes y adultos a leer, el conocimiento y la educación de la persona crece. Creando sitios adecuados para la lectura diaria. Recuerdo que en la porUniversidad donde estudié, había un lugar destinado a la lectura de los periódicos del día y revistas interesantes. Esa sala se mantenía llena.

Fue agradable leer tu publicación, éxitos y Dios te guarde

Intente mencionar las bondades de nuestro país más allá de lo material o la naturaleza que siempre suele resaltarse o bien, la parte gastronómica que también es excelente. Sin duda alguna, el mejor cambio sería el de la lectura porque nos ayudaría a crecer mucho como país. Lo del transporte por comodidad y seguridad, mientras que el ultimo no pude evitar mencionarlo.

Muchas gracias por leer, me alegra que te haya gustado.

#affable #venezuela

Venezuelans can be proud of many things, but one in particular is our sense of solidarity.

Like this nature we see in very few countries.Its really good thing to here,..

Inflation not only your country issues,all most each and every country facing this issue now.

Hope we get good solutions regarding it soon.

Nice entry from you. Take care.

Apparently they are implementing some countermeasures, but since they have built a bad reputation, then no one really trusts the government. I hope you can see your participation for the contest, yesterday I went to bed and today I will comment.

Thank you so much for reading, happy day.

#affable #venezuela

Your country is very admirable. Thanks for sharing it with us. Venezuela is beautiful.

Not at all friend, thank you for taking the time to read.

#affable #venezuela

Thanks, that's why we are here.

Hola amigo que excelente lectura he obtenido de su publicación!

Has ahondado muy bien en tus razones por amar a este hermoso país. Realmente antes las personas de escasos recursos se veían ayudadas por muchas otras personas en cuanto a lo básico, cosa que hoy en día ha mermado. El venezolano siempre ha sido y será muy solidario con todo el mundo eso es lo que nos caracteriza y lo has descrito muy bien.

También es cierto que una de las formas naturales del venezolano es ser alegre pese a las situaciones adversas que hemos venido enfrentando. Me veo identificada en que siempre sonreímos, la forma de afrontar la vida de forma positiva, y no ahogarnos en el desespero y la tribulación sino el ver los problemas con mejor actitud nos hace tomar mejores decisiones.

Y en cuanto a los cambios tienes mucha razón en los tres puntos. El inculcar la lectura va de la mano primero en cada hogar y luego la escuela, si bien la tecnología facilita mucho las cosas, en el sentido de la lectura es diferente. Los padres somos ejemplos de nuestros hijos y futuros ciudadanos del país, sino le inculcamos la lectura sino el facilismo como actuaran en efecto?

El transporte sin duda necesita una gran mejoría pero es consecuencia de la mala gestión administrativa que ha conllevado a una mala economía que ha hecho que falten la gasolina y por ende el transporte haya empeorado en todo el país. Por donde yo vivo hace unos años que no hay transporte si no a media hora caminando que tal?

Muchas gracias por tan interesante contenido amigo, lo felicito!

Saludos y bendiciones!

Es así amiga, me alegra mucho que te identifiques con las razones y los cambios que he mencionado. En mi caso siento que hay muchas cosas por cambiar en el país, pero no todo es malo y nuestra forma de ser nos ayuda mucho a salir adelante. Debe ser duro lo del transporte si te queda tan lejos, para mí no resulta tan difícil porque vivo en un lugar más o menos céntrico actualmente, aunque antes vivía muy lejos y no podía salir si no era guindado en un autobús o pagando un taxi muy caro.

#affable #venezuela

Amigo, muchas gracias por tu invitación, son tantas notificaciones y responsabilidades que me cuesta ponerme al día.

Nuestro país es maravilloso, su gente resiliente y solidaria nos deja ver que si podemos luchar para ser mejores cada día.

Éxitos amigo.

De nada amiga, aprecio mucho que hayas visitado mi post y dedicas aunque sea un poco de tu tiempo para revisar las invitaciones.

Feliz día.

#affable #venezuela

You have mentioned the reason that in your country all people live happily and laugh always which i liked the most. Laughing is best medicine and staying happy is very good. Your country has sense of solidarity and this is very nice as not every country has this

You have all the reason friend, laughter is one of the best medicines because they allow us to move forward and face the adversities that arise. After laughing we can feel lighter and without so much stress.

#affable #venezuela

Excelente tu punto de vista, la verdad amamos nuestro país por su gente, porque el venezolano es alegre, perseverante y muy trabajador. Es normal que queramos cambios, algunos más urgentes que otros pero necesarios para tener una mejor nación..

Me gustó tu post, saludos🥰

Así es, todos los cambios deben ser para mejor y espero que nuestro país pueda llevar a cabo las acciones necesarios para producir cambios positivos.

Feliz día.

#affable #venezuela

Your country have done well to recognize and give opportunity to foreigners because write from bible time God advices the Israelites that they should not cheat foreigners and they should recognize and give them opportunities as the dwell in their land. Welldone

It has never been easy, but in times of chaos and conflict it is very important to show kindness to foreigners, and hopefully, they will also do the same in the near future.

Thanks for reading.

#affable #venezuela

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Contest Entry Approved!

Thank you very much for approving my entry, I hope it is to your liking.

Thanks for reading.

#affable #venezuela

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