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Assalam O Alaikum! to all my friends,

I hope everyone is doing just great as Ramzan is just around the corner. When everyone is busy preparing for Ramzan me and my husband thought of something different before Ramzan as during the month we will be just busy in praying, reading Quran and sehar/iftar (inshaALLAH). We decided to go to "Hawksbay Beach" just before the heat wave (thanks to ALLAH) and thought to enjoy to the full.

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Being in complete picnic mood, we got up late :D and left home at around 3pm for an hour long journey to Hawksbay Beach. During the way we got all the things to eat like chairs, icebox, water (to wash our feet and hands on the way back) snacks, water to drink, soda drinks and the most important the sunblock. I packed a few clothes for my son as I knew he will go head over heels when he will see so much of water and his beach toys with whom he wanted to play the most. After an almost hour long journey we reached there and unexpectedly the weather was not very hot, cool breeza was there and believe me the water was beautiful and even the sand.

There were many people also but all were with their families giving each other the required space as needed.


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After setting up at the perfect point it was time for my son to explore the beach with his father and both just went straight into the water and started playing, getting wet and I could hear their laughter from far away (MashaALLAH).

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After spending a good amount of time in water they then explored the beach toy, my son made beautiful castles and different shapes of animals which he was carrying along and had a great time enjoying.


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After that I changed my son's clothes and made him settle down to eat so that he can get the energy back to enjoy on the beach for which he was longing to come.


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Then the last phase of stone collection was done by my son and we decided to head back home as he was hell tired after playing for so long and the sun was about to set too. So, all over it was the best day and had a great time enjoying and especially being a mother seeing my son enjoying to the maximum (mashaALLAH). From all the pictures the following picture will be my favourite and I guess will be my mobile wallpaper for long.


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That's all for today hope you all liked the diary and will remember me and my family in your prayers always. The link for my 1st achievement post is as follows:

Achivement Post 1


Hira Umair

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