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Assalam O alaikum! to all my friends,

I am having mix feeling while writing my post after almost a period of 5 (five) months, I can never think that life can be so busy sometimes. Anyway, I am back with a bang! inshaALLAH and have also powered up 150 steem.


Steem Pakistan Divider 3.png

The process is very simple yet I thought to explain the process of powering up my steem in the following steps for better understanding to everyone reading the post:

Step 1:

The first step to power up one steem is to login into your id by entering the user id and password just like I did in the following picture attached.


Step 2:

After logging into my id I logged into my steemit wallet by entering my user id and posting key again.


Step 3:

It can be seen that I am having around 159 steem and around 12 steem in power up section of my wallet.


Step 4:

The power up process is very simple, one just need to click on steem and the following drop box appears with different options as shown below.


Step 5:

To power up one just need to click on the power up option and as soon as you click on it the following box appears.


Step 6:

The box clearly shows number of steem in your wallet and its totally one will that how much steem one wants to power up. I entered a total of 150 steem for power up.


Step 7:

After entering the amount of steem I clicked on the Power Up option and then the following box appears.


Step 8:

After the confirmation of the amount of steem I have entered I pressed the "ok" button and it asked for the active key which I entered and the steem got powered up as shown in the Steem Power section.


Steem Pakistan Divider 3.png

I hope this post was helpful to everyone in powering up their steem and I am excited as I will be a member of #club100 now. Wish to write and make my piece of talent vocal to everyone.

To view my 1st achievement post just click below:

Achivement 1

See you all till next time.

Hira Umair


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