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Assalamualaikum All stemans ❤️

From Hamad Khan to all the friends of Steam It, how are you? How are all the friends and how are you? I hope all of you friends are fine by the grace of Allah and insha Allah all the friends will be well And by the grace of Allah, my brothers and sisters are out of the house, whether they are in their own country or in a foreign land. Good and good news should always be heard from Amen and Amen


Friends, like every day, I will present the diary today. I woke up early this morning. As usual, my brother prepared the horse cart and we left for the village. We were on our way when something went wrong. When I got back home, I played ludo game on my mobile for a while, then I woke up and went out in the open air, took some walks and did some photography, then I came back home. I saw a hen with small chicks and fed her and then I and then I drank tea myself and then I took care of all my chickens and fed and watered them. After that I called one of my cousins. The place was to go to Fateha Khawani. A friend of mine's aunt had passed away so we had to go there. She said that I would be ready in a while. We braked at a place on the way and took another cousin with us and we left for Mianwali.




Today activity

When we reached Shahbaz Khel turn, we stopped there. I had some work to do. I kept some goods there. After that we went straight to the main bazaar. He took the luggage and then we left. We left one of our cousins ​​near the government hospital. He had to go somewhere, so we dropped him off there. We sat there till then we left and reached Mianwali Rabi Center. There I was going to get a mobile for a friend of mine. I went to a friend of mine and greeted him. So I went to another friend from there, he was not there, then I went to the third friend from there, there was a mobile phone lying there, but I did not like it, then I greeted my friends, then we were there. When we reached Shahbaz Khel turn, we braked there. We drank juice from the store and then we left. I told my cousin about it. He left and then I went to a friend's shop nearby. He has an iron job and I told him to make the door. Went home







Noon afternoon

On the way, I went to the house of Haseeb Asif Khan, moderator of Urdu community. I had some work to do with him. I would have picked up the phone but I went straight to my cousin's house because I had my cousin's motorbike and he had gone somewhere from work.
I went to his house, parked my motorbike and sat for some time, then I walked home from there, came back home, had lunch and after eating, he did mobile standby for some time and then I fell asleep and slept for a long time. After that I got up, washed my hands, drank water and then took care of my chickens, poured grains and gave water to the chickens with small children, after that I sat down to do mobile standby








After that I went out of the house and walked a short distance from the house and sat there near my Thom crop. I watched for a while and then walked for a while and then I came back to the house. When I got home a cousin of mine came and we sat and chatted for a while. I sent my brother to a nearby shop. He brought me a peel of asbagol and a can of juice. I had some stomach ache, so I took the peel with juice. After that I took care of my chickens and fed them. then I






Allah Hafiz ❤️


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Great work my friend .Kindly use of somme unique mark down style , your are actively posting here thanks kindly engage with others poster Steemit Pakistan - User's Weekly Activity Report - 140 Posts , 476 Comments and Replies in a Week. (17th March ' 22) Make your posts strong and focus modernism characteristic rather then traditionalistic . Have a nice day .Bravo

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Shukria dost

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You spend a good day

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Beutiful pictures.

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Thanks Bhai jaan

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