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Hello and Welcome to today's Diary game Post

let's begin without any delays :)

Chess Online
SO today when i woke up, i downloaded this Chess Royale Application. This is an interesting app where i could play against anonymous players. As soon as i woke up i was feeling so good to have got a chess application which was quite good when i read the reviews, so without even doing breakfast i started the application and played 3-4 games against some good opponents who really helped me in opening my eyes early in the morning lol :p
Anyways this is how my day started. After finishing the match i then went to take shower and did breakfast as soon as it was ready.

After the breakfast, the main goal of my day today was to complete my assignment which was almost the task of a whole day so for that i had to first study and then complete the assignments. When i turned on my laptop, it has now become a habit to check steemit. So without wasting a second, i logged into steemit and checked my notifications. I then visited Project Hope community and saw some beautiful posts over there. This diverted my attention from the assignment and then i also sat to create a new post in the project Hope community. After that as it was Jumma today, so i had to get ready and for that, clothes had to be ironed. So i went to my cupboard, took out New clothes and then ironed them. This took almost 30 minutes as i am very lazy about this stuff. Then i again took shower as it was a hot day today. Then Finally After getting, i went to the Mosque to offer Jumma Prayers.

There i met my friends of the society where i live. After Namaz we sat together for good bit 10 minutes. Those were the second best ten minutes of my day as after that i did not get time to do anything else.

When i reached home, i saw the notifications from @steemcurator01 and i was so happy looking at them as i never expected that to be very honest... When i saw those notifications i immediately thanked the Almighty and then replied to @steemcurator01 and said thanks. These were the best 10 minutes of my day. After this, i posted yesterday's diary game post and then switched to other works. Some time later i found the contest winning post by @steemit-pak, so i remembered that i had to send 2 Steem to every participant of week # 1 participants.


I, Admin of Steemit Pakistan, want to give every participant 2 Steem for their participation in the contest whether they have made it to the top 5 or not. I would be distributing the prize as soon as i see the winners announcement post.

This statement was made by @haidermehdi, Admin of Steemit Pakistan for all the participants of Week # 1. We are glad to have you as our Admin Mr @haidermehdi.

So After reading this i headed straight into my Wallet and completed my promise of distributing STEEM to the valid participants of the contest. here below is the snapshot :)


After getting done with this, i then finally sat to start the assignment. This was the toughest assignment as i have already told you all that is the toughest course for me nowadays. So started doing the assignment and it took me almost 3 hours to complete the assignment.
As soon as i completed my Assignment, i submitted that on my Teams App, and then made a Boomerang using Instagram app :p
I am unable to share that here right now. I would learn how to do that and someday else i would share something else :)

Then i went outside to buy my sister the French fries that i shared yesterday, at the shop i decided to also buy myself a box of that, so i bought two of them and below is the image for that.


After eating these i was so tired and i have just woken up to share my day with you all.
And this is all about how i spent the day today. Now i am gonna go back to bed and sleep like never before haha :p

Special Mentions to:

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Thankyou for reading :)
Yours, @haidermehdi
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 last month (edited)

Very Nice @haidermehdi i am very happy that you are regular now💓 as an Admin of community you are really doing good efforts

Looks like you love playing Chess . When i used tp play games chess was one of my favorate games

Thanks for your contribution for contest ..
Its time to put more efforts to grow at steemit .


Nice diary and a lengthy one at that which shows that your day was really full of activities. You are so generous my friend in giving out 2stemms each to your members in steem Pakistan. By downloading that chess app, you have really got a company for yourself but I hope it will not reduces your involvement in steemit. Thank you for sharing @haidermehdi
#twopercent #nigeria

Yes definitely there will be no stopping us to communicate here at steemit :)
This is assured :)
#onepercent #pakistan

Glad to hear that @haidermehdi. Am looking forward to continues communication with you here

Nice diary @haidermehdi you're really doing a great job for your self and the community at large this is great. Hope seeing more of your post

Thanks for the visit young man @davchi.
It is really encouraging to see you people coming in our community and making valuable engagements :)
Thanks for the support man :)

Such a beautiful diary with so much details. It's a good thing you succeeded in doing your assignment coupled with the distractions, that's the spirit of a leader. Thanks for sharing your very interesting day

#twopercent #cameroon

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