Important Rules To Follow While Posting In STEEMIT PAKISTAN Community! 40% to @pak-charity!

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Hello to all the Wonderful Community Members. I am sure all of you are doing great. Recently or you may say in the last week, i came up with a Publication: A Very Important Announcement! Reduce the mentions! They don't earn you anything Extra.!

  • Which was appreciated and recognized by many steemians over the Platform and i could see that all of us tried to reduce the mentions as much as we could. Many community leaders followed this post and wrote it in their own words.

  • I was more than happy to see this amazing change on the Platform and much more happy over the fact that somehow i was able to help the Steemit Team.

But having said that, I could still see some of our members did not Understand the real purpose of or the aim behind this Post. This was a serious announcement and was supposed to be taken as a rule while posting in the STEEMIT PAKISTAN Community.. It was said in a lighter tone but perhaps this is the right time to Introduce with you all The Rules to make your Publications in the STEEMIT PAKISTAN Community.

Rules To Post In STEEMIT PAKISTAN Community:

A Very Important Announcement! Reduce the mentions! They don't earn you anything Extra.

I hope you all will be Following these Simple Rules. These are not the Only Rules but if we talk about Major Rules. Yes these are the rules that are Compulsory. And if anyone is found violating these, he/she might face a warning from the STEEMIT PAKISTAN Team. Will be updating these rules time to time. Till then i have a little request to all my users and all those who support me and our team in every matter, please have a look at the following publication and start setting @pak-charity as a beneficiary of your posts.

Here is the Link to the Post

Yours, @haidermehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan.


Steem Pakistan is a very good community of Pakistan And sir, you worked hard day and night on this Community Brought it up I can do this to all of you

Making Rules clear is important before taking part in anything. I really appreciate your efforts @haidermehdi and Personally, I'm trying to follow all the rules. Thank you for explaining and reminding us about it.

Thanks for clear everything :)

Nice post Haider sb.

Please support me Sir.

 8 months ago 

sure bhai, everyone needs to know it.

Your post is very good and I also liked it. And this has also given me a lot of knowledge .

 8 months ago (edited)

Good rules for real users and steemit pakistan community will grow in reality.

 8 months ago 

Thanks for giving this nice information

so nice ❤❤:

thanks @haidermehdi as i m a new comer this post is very useful for me. thanks for posting such informative post. 👌

 7 months ago 

It is great you have created this post to clear the rules to everyone.

I am in a dilema now because I am not new to steemit and it is my return to steemit. So I still had to do that achievement1 task? I mean those are for newcomers, right.

@Haidermehdi can you please clarify me on it.

 7 months ago 

Yes these are for the newcomers. Anyways, you can still make that Achievement 1 post if you want.

 7 months ago 

Yeah it feels a bit aukward to post introduction post now but I will do that for sure. Thanks for responding quick.

 7 months ago 


 7 months ago 

Sure sir we will try to best

You have made a very good post. The rules that you have mentioned about this team Pakistan community are very good and clear. We will all try our best to follow them. I like your post very much.

Thanks for guiding us.

Agreed with the rules

good to know the rules

 7 months ago 

thanks sir for this information

Thanks Sir I also need these rules

noted with thanks

Thanks u so much for clearing many new things.

 5 months ago 

Nice post

 4 months ago 

Nice dairy

 4 months ago 

Active user banaa do Bhai one month Work

 4 months ago 

You need to follow all the rules for that.
Rectify your diary game titles.
Stop writing in roman language. Either write english, or use urdu :) No roman writing please.

 4 months ago 


 4 months ago 

Thanks for these new guidelines

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