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The creator of this universe has sent us into this world to worship His and to have a good relationship with his creatures. My Lord Allah almighty says us that"Who is better whom morals are the best"(meanings). You will all be in the health of our Lord with your best morals.
The beginning of the best morning of today was very sweet when my husband woke me up and asked me to get up and perform Fajar prayer. So I woke up hurriedly and awake my daughters for prayer. In our house, children are rewarded or a party for performing such acts of worship. Therefore we have a same intention today as well. My elder daughter completely recitation of our holy book Quran(we recite It at daily basis and when it's completely done then) we celebrate party or gave a present.


So today our plan is arranging a party. Today is everyone's holiday from school anyway so everyone started working from morning. So first of all cleaned the house. Then order things from market. And then everyone decided to make one dish at a time. This is the kind of one dish party that we often celebrate. Lunch is my responsibility and i made Seekh kababtoday so i order those things.

Seekh kabab

The eldest daughter took the responsibility of making Cake and ordered things. She also baked cake but today she make special.


My son is like to eat Noodles so he makes it. He prepare it with heart and soul. Everyone like it taste and he smiled.


Younger daughter(she is 8 years old) fry Puffs(bakarkhani)and suger syrup put it on. Any way she her best. So look her effort because she wants to show her desert.


And the little baby who is only 3 years told me that she brings some Buscuits

Husband is a guest, eventually everything was put on the table and instead of lunch, hi tea was arranged.

Tea Party


However everyone have a lot of fun and had a memorable day.
After the party i washed all the dishes. Children cleaned again with their father. May Allah bless them and alot of joys.Ameen.
This is my todays diary . I hope you read it with your intrust and appreciate my kids activities.
At the end i invite @fabiha @hassanabid @haidermehdi
Your steemit family member @hafsasaadat90.


Ma Sha Allah...this is a great idea. Deen bhi or dunya bhi subhan Allah ❤️
Stay blessed

 3 years ago 

JazkAllah yes birthday is not in our relegion but we also celebrate it,so why we can't celebrate such joys.

Exactly 😊

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