Wednesday-Educational Theme || HTML LESSON 1 || 29 Sep,21 ||20% Beneficiary to @steemit-pak.


HELLO EVERYONE! I Hope you all are doing well!

As we all know today is wednesday about Education.
So i want you to give some Information About HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) . This is so useful for any website designer or anyone who is willing to learn HTML .Specially this for IT students as we all know this field is so vast .




So we are starting our first lesson with

What is HTML?
HTML is not a programming language HTML is actually a markup language we can make basic website(Structure,Skeletron) .By using HTML language we can make a basic website which just provide you the basic user interface .HTML describe the structure of web page nd In HTML we have list of element what we will use in this language. And HTML element tell the browser how to display the content . Its includes so many attributes which we use in elements .

In Which programming software we can write code ?
Its not that hard for anyone even for beginners it is really so easy to write Html code, to build a structure ,web page and write code so comfortably and easily .Its visual Studio Code VS Code.There are so many more platform to write code like Wordpad,Sublime,Net beans but i recommend VS CODE because it is so great it has the option of customization and more some useful feature we will discuss more after installing .

How to Install VS Code?
This is the link of VS Code to download. Let me tell you how to install visual studio first click the link above then choose what ever device you are currently using .


After click on download you will get a setup of VS Code after getting open the setup and click on Run after running the software setup it we ask you this.


After accepting the agreement you have to is to check all boxes for VS code features and other things.

And by clicking on next it will give you the option of install .


it will take some minutes to download as i am not installing cause i had already installed that on my laptop nd Now you all ready to use this . More i will teach you in next lesson THANKYOU :)

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