Royal mint are crazy if they think I'm spending this much!!

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The ROYAL MINT have done it again... A brand new series of over priced silver coins, to try and tempt and extort hard earned fiat from the hands of the general public.

The Royal Mint says that it is excited to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Mr. Men Little Miss with this three-coin series dedicated to Roger Hargreaves’ beloved collection of colourful characters. Featuring Mr. Happy, Mr. Strong, Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Sunshine, this three-coin set is the perfect way to celebrate 50 years of fun.


The first coin to be released in this incredibly overpriced series is 1oz "Mr Happy" silver coin:

  • Limited Edition 6500
  • Features Mr. Happy – one of the first Mr. Men characters created by Roger Hargreaves
  • The reverse has been exclusively designed by Roger Hargreaves' son, Adam Hargreaves – the main author and illustrator of Mr. Men Little Miss
  • Struck in 999 fine silver
  • Finished to Proof standard

Now, at first even I thought that these coins were kinda nice looking, and something a bit different. Then you realise the price tag that comes with them.... The one ounce versions start at £97.50 per coin! That's nearly four times the value of its silver content. The royal mint must be mad if they think I'm parting with some fiat for this series.

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I'm sure people will buy these @welshstacker....just not me Lol!😇

I know they will. Usually, I'm one of those idiots that does!! Not this time though... Too rich even for my blood.

Enjoy your time off the grid @welshstacker, be safe!😀

Thanks for sharing the report, @welshstacker. Looks like the over paid out-of-touch bureaucrats are running out of themes.

They are definitely scraping the barrel. I enjoyed the original 2016 "Peter Rabbit" series of coins, but after their success, they're milking everything they can now think of. I won't be buying these or any more of their junk coins.

You're going to buy this anyway, right?
I won't tell.

Eah, you're probably right... What can I say!!! I'm a sucker for over priced silver.