My 1888 Coins, Part 2: Great Britain Queen Victoria Six Pence

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1888 Great Britain Six 6 Pence

Queen Victoria Jubilee Head
Obverse The Queen Victoria era UK sixpence obverse features Queen Victoria facing left. The early to middle years silver coins show the 'young head', later years the 'jubilee head', and final years the 'old veiled head'. This coin was minted in the later years of her reign.

REVERSE: The reverse shows the royal crown above the words 'SIX PENCE'. An oak wreath with a bow at the base surrounds the main design, with the 1888 date underneath.

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What do you think of this coin?

Numista There are two 1888 available from Ebay
All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.

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I think it's kind of cool! It also has your numbers (obviously, lol) which I know you like to have. But seriously - if the coin could talk, think of all that it's seen and where it's been over it's lifetime since 1888! There is something about holding something that old that leaves a sense of awe with me. Thanks for sharing sis and have a lovely Friday!🤗🤗💕🌸

Yes, I really love those old, especially Silver, coins. I like circulated coins, that one can touch & hold and not worry about hurting the condition. Thanks for sharing, Silversaver888.

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Gorgeous ❣️🥰 stay safe and well always 💖

The Victoria Silver Jubilee head is very classy @silversaver888!
An uncirculated 1888 silver six pence..... Nice my friend!😍😍😀


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