Cooling Lines on Silver Bars

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It is amazing to witness novice pourers become artisans and watch their growth through the months and years as they discover their voice in pouring silver.

Novice silver pourers put molten silver into molds with a "come-what-may" or "however-this-one-turns-out" approach to pouring silver bars.

Then there are artists who, with skill and creativeness, determine the character of the silver bar through the lines they create on the surface of the bar as the molten silver cools.


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I love pour lines on hand poured silver. I need to get more of it, lol! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening, sis!🤗🤗👍❤️

Each is so unique, truly one of a kind @silversaver888!😀 You are so correct, in that you can see the craftsmanship change as the person tries new techniques!!!
they are all very special 😍....
Have a very good Saturday evening, so nice that you made it to Discord my friend!!😍😍😀

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