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Life is a wonderful thing. Just like a storybook. Every day is a new page in your life and every year is a new chapter. You write your life story. It includes what you say and do. We have to live our lives to the fullest as we live for a while. It’s needed to be happy and we need mental freedom to be happy to live like that.


We have to achieve our own happiness. The happiness of your life is in your hands. So how do you achieve the mental freedom that is so important? What are the life lessons you need to learn to be happy in life? Let's see.

Be Yourself

This is so important. You must first accept and love yourself. It makes your life easier. We should never try to be someone we are not. If you find yourself missing something, all you have to do is try to find it. Otherwise, the solution is not to maintain a different image of yourself as someone you are not.

Accept yourself no matter what your shortcomings are. We should not pretend to be flawless to make a good impression on others. Your true self comes out when you least expect it. It doesn't matter how others think of you so, do not worry about that and be yourself. Maintaining an image of someone who is not you always destroys your mental freedom.


Don't Expect Too Much from Others, Seriously!

I have this problem and it's not a good thing. If you expect too much from someone, it is wrong. They too have a limit to what they can do. But if your expectations are beyond that, you will not get what you hope for. Disappointment can leave you frustrated. That's when those unmet expectations hurt you. Then your happiness and mental freedom will be lost. The reason for that is you and no one else. It is always wrong for you to expect too much from others.

It is not always possible for others to please you. So, practice getting what you want on your own. Then your time also will be saved. There will be no disappointments. Even the other person also won't be disappointed about something that he/she couldn't do. It is easier for us to understand and live with it.


Live in The Moment

It is always more important to live in the present than to worry about the past or fear the future. We are sad about the past but we cannot edit that past as well as it is unwise to have undue fear of a future that has not yet dawned. Instead, be prepared to face whatever may happen. Until you have this moment to cherish. Do not forget to enjoy the life you have.

Remove the Negative People from Your Life

We should always approach only those who value us. Those who help us move forward as much as they can. A lot of people approach us to do what they want. Once they do what they want, they don't want us. Some people do not want us to go up and then they will not support us. So, such people should be removed from life. Spending our time on such negative people is a waste of our time. We must make sure that we recognize their true nature. Never worry about them. Be wise in choosing the people you want to be in your life.


You Are Always Responsible for Your Own Behavior

Imagine that someone hurts your feelings. What if at that time you get angry and blame that person? We do to him what he did to us. It is more important for both parties to come to a mutual understanding than to argue that who is right or wrong. Give them a chance to explain things. In this case, you have to be careful about how you react to it. If not, you will regret it later. ‘Why did I behave like that?’ ‘Why couldn’t I just be a little impatient?’ You get frustrated with yourself. So, remember how to act without hurting anyone in a situation like this.

Is it that hard to live? Educational qualifications, as well as things like this, are important in every moment of life. If you learn these things at an early age, it will be easier to live as an adult. Now look at me I'm 25 and still learning these things.

Happy Reading!

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It doesn't matter how others think of you so, do not worry about that and be yourself.

Well ‍said, we should focus on this in all areas of life.

That's correct! Thank you for reading. 💛

life lesson is the best weapon to win our lives❤️

Obviously it's hard to live without learning them.

We have to achieve our own happiness. The happiness of your life is in your hands.

agree with you, happiness is our own choice🤗

Yeah 💯

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