Avurudhu Celebration at School: A Memorable Experience 🌞

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The end of the second term brought a special occasion for our school community as we celebrated the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. This year, we organized a vibrant event that beautifully captured the spirit of the season and the cultural traditions of both communities.

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I was part of the decoration team. I am happy to say that we transformed our school into a traditional wonderland. We constructed replicas of සිංහල ගෙදර, දමිළ ගෙදර, කඩේ, කෝවිල, දාගැබ and වී බිස්ස among other elements, to create an authentic experience for the students. Many children had never seen these traditional structures before, so it was a unique opportunity for them to learn and appreciate their heritage. So the last two weeks of the term we worked very hard for those decorations.



We did all the charithra accordingly with explanations so that children can get an idea about those nakath, charithra and everything. The other beautiful thing was Avurudhu sweetmeats table. It was a delightful highlight, offering an array of treats that everyone enjoyed. Additionally, there were numerous Avurudhu games organized for the students, bringing joy and laughter to all.


We celebrated Avurudhu on the 4th of April, creating unforgettable memories for everyone involved. This is my first experience of Avurudhu at school as a teacher. It was a beautiful way to conclude the term and set the tone for the upcoming break for everyone.

ලැබුවා වූ සිංහල දමිළ අලුත් අවුරුද්ද සාමය සතුට පිරි සුබ අලුත් අවුරුද්දක් වේවා! 🌞

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