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This is the last part of discussing tips for take a better photograph. If you miss the part one , you can read it from here.

One of the common mistakes we do in taking a photo of a person or a portrait is that we tend to place the person right in front of the camera, very straightforward and capture. But it's a bit dull way to take a portrait and instead of that, always try to keep the person at and small angle so his/her shoulder face more towards camera in a half side on angle. It adds more professionalism to the person.


I think you'd agree the second one looks more stylish.

Another cool thing to do is when you take a photograph specially of a girl/model make triangles from the arms and legs. You might have noticed that already, most of the time models do this and place their hands and legs by creating triangular shapes. It adds more dynamic look to the photo and add a instagram friendly look to a girl's photo. May be boys should not try that, sometimes it may feel bit awkward.

See how many triangular shapes they are making.

Another important thing is sometimes people think it's a crime to make or capture a photo in monochrome, basically in black and white. a monochrome photo can be taken from the camera or it can be processed after using a software as well. There are two basic reasons that one could get a monochrome photo. One is that when you have a disturbing background behind the main object of the frame, we can use monochrome effect so that we can take the viewer's eye off of that disturbance.

The second reason is making a photo black and white, you can emphasize the meaning you want to give and enhance the feeling of the photo. for example, take a look at below picture.

ST (4).jpg

This photo was taken originally in colour but when retouching, decided to make it monochrome so that the people's struggle is more emphasized. In The below picture the background was bit disturbing and by making it monochrome, could enhance the emotions of his face.


So basically, don't think that making a black and white photo would decrease the value of it. Don't be hesitant in making a photo if it needs.

So finally, you can make different angles and different levels of height in the camera when you take a photo and that could definitely change the meaning of the photo you take. For example if you take a photo of a object by having the phone closer to ground, you add a "larger than life" meaning to the object and if taken above or with a big space behind you can add a "smaller than life" feeling to it.

Some of these tips might already heard by you or already using them. And another thing to keep in mind is sometimes we can't use all of these things in one photo depending on the time and occasion so it always better to take the photo with an idea of retouching afterwards.

Hope you enjoy the two articles and see you again soon!

Stay safe!

-Ceylonese Eye-

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This is really interesting. 😍
I should try with my sister. 😁

Thank you !😊
Hope she'd cooperate. 😁

These days I'm following your tips and gonna try them.. thank you😍

So pleased to hear that 🥰

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Really interesting article brother. I got new thing from your post...i will try to take photos as per the your methodology. Thank you for this information

Thanks bro. I'm glad to hear that 🥰

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