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Ladies and gentlemen, Hello to everyone. Today, I'm going to share with you one of my most valuable memories. We all have memories, likewise, I also have so many memories in my life. But, this is the most important and fascinating memory in my life.

This is non-other than the pair of shoes that my elder son wore when he was just two years old. This fair has been carefully stored in my cupboard. I often replace it after taking it out. These are sweet memories. Now he is thirty years old. He last wore this pair of shoes twenty-eight years ago.


These pair of shoes simply take me back to the past. I can still remember how I left him as an infant. But I am obligated to do it. I need to head to the office. He came back to me screaming. How many times I have cheated on him because he cries when I try to go to the workplace? I can remember each of these incidents individually. He is taken away by my mother-in-law and brother-in-law. They gave me their fullest support in doing my job. I must express my gratitude to them for all their assistance.

I used to take pictures of him on each of his birthdays. Here are pictures of him wearing these shoes. He was pleased when he put on the new suit. He wants to go somewhere when we put him in a new suit. He was quite interested when I took the picture. Yes, I can remember each of those memories one by one.



Now he is a grown guy and married four months ago. And also works with MAS Holding (Pvt) Ltd as a Senior Engineer. I have other memories as well, but I prefer this one because it is so closely related to my life. I think you may have a lot of memories. I would like to invite you to use this platform to share with us these memories.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a nice day.


Memories! Such beautiful things which we can put in boxes and fetch them on occasions like this.
Thank you for sharing your memory with us. 🎕

I appreciate your following my blog and for your support. Hope you too will share your memories with us.

The pleasure is all mine! 🎕

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